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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm following suit!

In my daily reading of all the blogs I follow, I think it's time for me to follow suit and announce my goals for 2011. Yes, I said goals, because I'm afraid that if I say "resolutions" I will not execute, much like the word "diet." I'm a super "goal-y" type person, so I'm finally taking note of that and tailoring my New Year's list to myself! Here goes!

1) Become a better morning peson. It is SO DIFFICULT for me to get up in the morning, it's as if getting out of bed is equivalent to setting my hair on fire. For a few months I thought I was getting better at the whole am thing, but recent research has shown that I'm the same old Nicole: a big lug any time before 10:30am. I feel bad about this because Carter is obviously a morning person at this stage in his perfect little life, but I'm still lagging behind! It's horrible! So that is #1 on my list.

2) Become a better cook/home manager. I know this sounds completely lame. I mean, the words "home," and "manager" put together sounds completely un-feministic (again, is that a word?), but I definitely think this is something I need to strive for. I go through these lulls of being really on top of my game for a few weeks, then I slink into this hole of over-relaxation. I dread putting meals together because I was born without intuition in the kitchen, but this is the year I am changing these horrible facts! I already have conquered my style revolution (as mentioned sometime in November or December), but it's on to the household at large!

3) Go to the snow/visit Hearst Castle. The snow needs to be seen at some point this year. I don't care if it's before this winter is over that we are in right now, or we have to wait until December of this year. It just HAS to happen. As far as Hearst Castle goes, I just really want to go see that insane house that was occupied by that insane family. My American Studies major is shining through here!

4) Become more consistent with my correspondences. If you are my friend, you are one of the unfortunates who know just how terrible I am at a) calling you back, b) texting you back, c) carrying on messages/comments via Facebook, and any other sort of communication connection. I am not proud of this, so let me tell you all right now, I'M SORRY FOR THE PAST ALMOST-23 YEARS OF BAD CORRESPONDENCE! I'm changing this ASAP!

5) Run a marathon. (Or at least a 1/2 marathon). This may seem insane, but I don't care if it happens on December 31, 2011, it's happening. That's all I have to say about that one. 

So here I come, 2011, it's going to be a great year!

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