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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Record breaking laziness

First of all, I know my blog looks all crazy. I have no idea how the heck to fix it, so if anyone out there has any suggestions, shoot them at me!

Anyway, yesterday I experienced new levels of laziness. It was so extreme, I thought I had to of had a fever or something, even though I felt completely fine. Just out of control. This picture basically sums up my entire day:

Except minus the beer, and minus that awkward left paw position.

Here is how my day went:

  1. Woke up around 8:30
  2. Fed Carter, made Chad's lunch (about the only productive thing I did), and ate some breakfast
  3. Chad left, I assumed my position on the couch
  4. Carter went down for a nap around 11:30, I reassumed my position on the couch
  5. Picked Carter up out of his crib around 1:45, I shut my bedroom door so he wouldn't go anywhere, and yep, I laid in bed (low point of the day)
  6. Went on a 15 minute walk around 2:30, then quickly reassumed couch position
  7. Waited for Chad to get home so I could go to sleep
  8. Put Carter down at 7:30, laid back on the couch
  9. Bed by 10:30
Sad, I know. I'm still in shock even 24 hours later. 

Oh yeah, and today I took a three hour nap. Man, oh, man. At least I'm energized now and my hubby took care of business around the old household! What a great guy!


  1. Haha you basically just summed up every Sunday in the Hall household. We are lazy bums!

  2. i almost peed laughing so hard at "the awkward left paw position" hahahah so funny!


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