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Saturday, June 30, 2012

24 and 6

I'm super, super, super tempted to do a fitness check up on our 10 day challenge, but I shall resist to make way for two outrageously important events going on in this here family:
Chadly turning the big 2-4 and Kota practically becoming a woman at 6 months!

Those two, those two...What can I say? They are daddy and daughter, ying and yang, Milo and Stitch, Beauty and the Beast {HA!}. They are just wonderful together, even though I feel sort of bad because  we are still in the you-take-the-tot-I'll-take-the-babe set up, but that's okay though, because I have yet to see a bigger smile on the little lady than when she's being held by her daddy-o. Anyway, in light of this most wonderful of days, here are a few things I'm loving about each of them.

Ladies first:
6 things I love about Kota:

1. She is a professional baby food eater. I kid you not, that child has yet to have an over-the-top messy eating session. Slain the rice cereal department, she has, and we have just moved on to bananas. Let me tell you, my friend, she is totally boss.

2. I always talk about how tiny she is, but girlfriend can really rock those six month old outfits. Yes, she is actually six months old as of today, but I was dressing her in 3 month old cutenesses up until about a week-and-a-half ago, convinced that there was no way that tiny little thing could fill out a six month old jumper. Welp, I was wrong, and she looks fab!

3. Girly girl is still waking up twice {TWICE!} in the middle of the night, but I sort of look forward to it now. I know, weird, but late at night when she's super tired is when I have some of the most precious times I have with her, especially because it's only us two. Precious, I tell you, precious.

4. Her new favorite sound is this outrageous grunting noise. We were trying to figure out where such a gracious little woman like herself would learn such a thing, but then I heard Carter grunting it up with her yesterday. So...we figured it out.

5. As long as I position her legs just so, she's been sitting up like a pro! She's still wobbly, and the face plants are not so far and few between, but hey, who can beat looking into those self-supported blue eyes?

6. ...Speaking of, HER BLUE EYES! I'm still in shock we produced a blue-eyed child, and could not be more enamored by them.

Okay, this won't be so grandiose:
here are 24 things I love about Chadly:

1. He's a professional make-Nicole-laugh-er.

2. His positivity.

3. His logicalness {even though sometimes I want to shoot that logic in the face with my emotionally-led revolver}.

4. His skills in the daddy department.

5. His determination.

6. His I'm-so-going-to-dance-for-you-like-the-guys-in-Magic-Mike notions.

7. His bottomless pit of "Yeah, babe, I know what you mean" - 's.

8. His close relationship with my parents. And siblings. And if we had a dog growing up, that dog.

9. His constant desire to travel, just like me.

10. His international know-how. We would be a sad pair, traveling around the globe, if he was exactly like me in that realm.

11. His constant need of cleanliness. Already I'm a pathetic cleaner, but could you imagine if he had the same ideals of "clean" as I do? It would be madness. And to my credit, I am getting better! 

12. His less-frugal-than-cheap-o-Nicole ways. He's a fun guy to go on a date with, that's for sure. If I was a guy and had to take a girl on a date, it would always involve a picnic blanket. Because you can get that from your parents' linen closet. And my mom would make the food. Therefore no need for out of pocket spending. And maybe I'd make my date pay for the gas to get to the field where we would be eating. Eating for free. Thank goodness I'm a girl, is all I have to say!

13. He makes me calm.

14. He likes his family! 

15. He usually has a week off for Christmas and Carter's birthday, and now will have it off for Kota's birthday, as well. 

16. He's actively interested in fitness with me!

17. He's one supportive dude.

18. He listens to rants about how outrageously slow the hours of 4:00-6:00 pm seem to crawl by.

19. He likes to wash our cars!

20. He, like me, hates yard work. We will be getting a gardner for sure. It's either that or a concrete jungle as our future backyard, and that's not cool for the kids. 

21. He has sexy green eyes.

22. He gave at least one of our kids his bronzed-to-perfection skin, and the other, fair-as-a-vampire-like-his-mama, a fighting chance in the tanning-instead-of-burning realm!

23. No longer does he enjoy sitting in cold areas drinking beers. I daresay the man has matured!

24. He loves me and I love him!

Ahh, that was wonderful! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAN, and HAPPY 6 MONTHS TO MY BABE! You two and Carts are my whole world, and you couldn't make me happier! 

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