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Friday, December 21, 2012

Focus? What's that?!

I can't focus on what I'm trying to do to save my life, so I decided to stop trying! It may or may not have something to do with the fact that before I even ate one morsel of food this morning, I consumed half a cup of a tall iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. If I try to do wild things like that (read: anything that varies from my everyday schedule), I go all whacky. Anyway, who cares about being productive, right? What's more important is writing down a few of the happy thoughts zooming through my scattered mind right now!

1. One of my favorite things in life is to scroll through a very full, newly refreshed Instagram feed. It really has become a sort of "sayonara" to the kids when my mind is on overload, leaving me rejuvenated and ready to take on the next task of the day.

2. It's December 21st and I have not wrapped one present. NOT EVEN ONE. Worse, I haven't done one shred of shopping for my two bambinos. Here's the deal: one, we did all of our shopping for the extended families online, only receiving it this morning, and two, I'm not even going to put any presents out until after the babes are asleep on Christmas Eve. Even though I know they're super pretty to look at, I don't want to have to deal with Kota accidentally ripping one apart or anything. Also, we have basically holed up every possible present-hiding-area in this condo here, so storage would not be so good. Anyway! Mama Paplia said she will watch the kids tonight while Chad and I go out and shop till we drop, so it's all good!

3. It's beyond me that Carter's 3rd birthday is on Sunday. What the heck, man? Insane, I tell ya... But here's what really gets me: I can't believe that he's still 2. I feel like he actually lives up to the expectations I have placed on him (good expectations, not demanding ones), perpetuated mainly by us having Kota. The minute she came home from the hospital, I started thinking of him as so much older, so I sort of started to treat him that way in the manners/toy-clean-up/attitude department. Sometimes whenever I tell him to ask if he can be excused from the dinner table and to take his plate up to the counter, I sit back and think, "Holy moly, I just told my two year old to take his plate into the kitchen. Crazy!"

4. My thoughts on Carter's maturing can only be trumped by my thoughts on Kota's growing up! Little miss will be 1 on the 31st! Here's the thing with her: she's still so itsy bitsy, it's tough for me to think of her as being a toddler, but that's what she's going to be! She's so mature in the food-eating/mama-dada-baba-saying/I-love-to-splash-in-the-bath/picture-book-loving/playing-with-big-brother realm that sometimes I can't believe she's not older, but then I'll cuddle her up for her nightly bottle and think of how perfectly she still fits in my arms. It's so precious! I also totally understand how people call their youngest "the baby" for the rest of their lives. I don't think I will EVER stop calling her "Baby" unless we have another one!

Anyway, I think I've cured myself of my lack-o-focus! I'll soon write about what I'm not allowing myself to focus on soon! Woooohooo!

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