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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The ole' honeymoon: Notre Dame

Instead of doing what I should be doing (checking off my outrageously long to-do list), I'm going to backtrack a few years and write about the awesomeness that was seeing Notre Dame on our honeymoon! Yes, I was poking through my archives and came across my previous honeymoon posts (an increasingly favorite pastime of mine. Narcissism at it's finest!), so naturally I needed to continue documenting.

Anyway, it was outrageously amazing! After this night in Paris, I literally thought I would die during our experience at the Louvre, which I just realized I never wrote about (story to come!). I mean, we're talking on-the-verge-of-puking-while-looking-at-the-Mona-Lisa central. I was quite upset at myself for feeling so in beautiful France, so something needed to be done (well, my body was actually demanding that something needed to be done). After a final arms-up-in-the-air out of frustration, Chad and I decided to call it quits on the Louvre in the Egyptian room and started to head towards the exit, not without a quick trip to the ole' restroom where I...well...let's just say I felt a lot better after leaving that teensy-tiny "toilette."

After basically being reborn via a public restroom, I was sort of bummed to be leaving the insanity of the museum, but some fresh air was needed, so off we went to higher ground to figure out what the heck we were going to do with the rest of our day! Then, after walking aimlessly, we ended up in front of this gargantuan building where we filled out post cards to all of our family members. When we looked up, we realized that we were right across the street from Notre Dame, which was awesome because that's what we had wanted to do later on in the day! So after a few pictures of ourselves crossing over the Seine with my long lost smile, we entered the square!
 Me and my man, post-hangover, happy that we had a second chance at the day!

 Basically I died the whole time we were there, but this time from awe instead of the aftermath of too much champagne! The detail! The ceilings blew me away! It was crazy! The stained glass windows alone deserved a round of applause. 

 There it is. Our stamp on the grand Notre Dame. "We pray for the children around the world." I couldn't think of anything better! I felt under pressure, like everyone was wondering what I was going to write! Anyway, I came up with the most generic of all messages, but hey! What can you do? At least I really mean it!

 Y'all, this was the supreme place for a Catholic gal like myself! I even lit one of those candles! Hey-o!

 A miniature of how it was back in the good old days, I'm sure. 

 The art! The sheer size of it all! It was nuts.

And then we decided to walk across the square to the crypte!
 This was the city back when civilization was at it's rawest. Well, not rawest, there was a hospital in the city and stairs that led up to a once-there kitchen, but you know what I mean!

 Who knew that something so amazing was right underneath the square of Notre Dame! It was just another thing that surprised me during our time in Europe!

Notre Dame was almost as awesome as our visit to the Palais de Versaille, followed my night of consumption like I had mentioned and preceded our later trip to Brugge! Anyway, horrendous photo quality, but what can ya do? They required all flashes to be turned off! I loved our honeymoon so much! I need to write about the rest of it soon or else I'm going to start forgetting, which can't happen. 

Now... back to that to-do list!

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