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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

These people make my heart very happy. :)
Can you believe that our big guy is almost 3 years old?
Outrageous, I say, outrageous.
We had his third birthday party on Sunday, and even though 8 out of Carter's 10 little buddies turned out to be sick - no joke - it was such a nice day of close friends and family. We (thankfully) had wonderful weather, great conversation and, most importantly, see that awesome streamer back drop? Oh yeah, it stayed up the entire time. Give it up, man, give it up for great last minute taping skills done by THIS lady! It was a mad dash to completing all the details (read: Chad going psycho in the kitchen while I haphazardly sprinted from the park to our condo to grab decorations, dress the kids, etc., etc., etc. for a good hours straight before 11:00 rolled around), but it all turned out in the end!
The BIG dude had a great time and once again, we left the day feeling blessed and cheerful.
Yay for December babies!


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