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Monday, December 17, 2012

Hmm.. What?

If politics were a concert that was put on last month, my husband and I probably would have shelled out just enough money to score some really sweet lawn seats. Not even the last row of the actual assigned seats, and certainly no where near the VIP, front row area. Of course we care about our great nation and our leaders in office, and both of us voted during our last election (and if you didn't, shame on you!), so we are abreast on the issues, but you just won't catch us getting all shaky with frustration over someone else's political views.

Anyway, by writing this post it sort of negates my whole point (that bringing up politics in the face of some awful tragedy a mere 20 minutes after it happened is weird), but alas, I'm a'typin. So here's the deal: it made me sad that after the tragedy which occurred this last weekend in CT (prayers, prayers, prayers, prayers, prayers), the social networks were convoluted with political statements. 

Now, I get it, I get it. In fact, I too, a member of the political party who supports the second amendment, thought that something should be done. But the intensity of it all... It just seemed slightly out of place in the face of something so horrendous.

In a million, quadrillion, bazillion years, I hope to never, ever have to endure the hurt any one of those parents have (are) endured (ing), but can you imagine people arguing over something as trivial as "who's responsible" right after finding out such awful news? I'm sure none of them really care about whatever the heck we "people of the internet" are talking about after the tragedy, but really, how discomforting that would be if they actually did care? To find division and arguing?

Anyway, it sort of reminds of when Hurricane Katrina hit and the second sentence out of lots of people's mouths (but within the same breath), was how mad they were that whoever was responsible for putting up enough sand bags to prevent the damage didn't put up enough, therefore didn't do their job. I mean, come on. How ridiculous!! I know this is different because we aren't looking in hindsight at something, we're thinking about the future and the safety of children, but both sentiments (the sand bag/who-done-it issue and gun control situation) should be saved for a different conversation, not within the same breath as the aforementioned tragedies.

Anyway, I also am aware that both horrible situations gives ammunition to arguments because it's proof of problems, but that's what I wish for us as a people on the internets. 

(And am I allowed to say within the same breath - hypocritical, maybe - that I'm also happy that we are allowed to say exactly what we want on the internet and not be persecuted? America is still my homegirl!)  

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