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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sharing rooms and shaky steps

Y'all! Every single person I've come into contact with over the last 7 days has had to hear my seriously-I'm-so-happy-about-moving-the-kids-into-the-same-room speech at least 3 times. So sorry if you've been one of the unfortunates who have had to endure my shpeel, but really, holy cow!

So here is how it went: I was so, so, so, so, so, SO nervous about moving the little lady out of her precious  nursery and into Carter's room, but I really, really, really, really, REALLY wanted to put the computer in a space OTHER than the living room. I was finding that a) I couldn't relax on my owner couch anymore because I felt like I should be answering emails/checking up on Stroller Strides stuff at ALL times, and b) I was really not digging the kitchen table/office desk/living room combo. Worst of all, I was constantly drawn to check up on my favorite digs like Facebook, blogs and other goodies, something the kids - especially Carter - has always hated. I swear, once I glance toward the computer, they automatically turn into psycho children. I really felt like it was getting in the way of our family time (a sentence my mother used several times when I was in high school regarding OUR computer in the Paplia home. I totally laughed and thought how ridiculous she sounded, but listen up, Mom! I get it now! Sorry for being a little poop about it 10 years ago!). Anyway, a change had to be made.

Before we found those adorable beds from Ikea, I was being a major aesthetic nazi. I just couldn't pull myself to put her TURQUOISE, humongous crib in with his awkwardly-large-so-it-sits-on-the-floor box spring and twin bed covered in Cars sheets! I just couldn't do it! So after stressing out about whether or not I was just going to have endure the weirdness that said combination was going to produce, we took a nice trip to Ikea where we unexpectedly went for it and got them the matching beds (which I'm obsessed with. I mean, look at them!!! Oh my gosh). Now, 7 days later, they have been giggling it up in there every single night. Last night was the first time where I actually had to get mad at Carter for opening the door and letting my wild daughter out - freeing her to unload the linen closet - but other than that, it's been a great experience! And who cares if they're not asleep by 8:30 if what they're doing is laughing with one another (and not crying from me yelling, "Get back in bed, Carter!")?

Our new little office/play room is the bomb. Right now I'm sitting among blocks and army men strewn about, but I don't even care! BECAUSE IT'S IN THE ROOM WHERE MESSES ARE OKAY! It's been awesome. Now when we're downstairs it's pure family time, and when the kids are down for naps or bed, it's pure work for me/school for Chadly time. FABULOUS!

Since I took that picture, I've finished her yellow slip cover to match his, hung a girly picture on her side of the room and a manly one for his side, put up a purple-themed bulletin board over her bed and am looking for one for his side, hemmed and hung some curtains and I plan on matting and framing the most ADORABLE print that I won from Beau Chic Prints in between the two over their eventual nightstand (although I'm really loving that whole stuffed animal thing in the middle. One less thing for them to climb on, unlike the wicker toy chests at the end of their beds!)
And in other exciting news, that love bug on the left has been walking more often, but her steps are still so shaky and thought-out that she's become a big advocate of the crawl-as-fast-as-you-can movement, usually while giggling up a storm!

I feel like there's a million more things I need to document (like Carter's first day at t-ball! Tear!), but right now both bambinos are asleep (Carts in our room, her in their room), so you know what that means... Time to dig into the saltine bark I made two nights ago and restart Les Miserable! (Seriously with that movie? Words can't even describe!)

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