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Sunday, March 10, 2013

There's no beating a Sunday morning

I mean, for gosh sakes. I have yet to find anything more awesome during these young family life years than that of the Sunday morning. There's a good amount of sleeping in, adorable sibling camaraderie and the most important thing of all: a surplus of donuts! I'm telling you, it took an awful lot of self control not to devour every bit of those sugary delights because THIS lady has given them up for Lent. So donut-less I have remained. ....And yes, it's super hard, even in my what seems to be lackadaisical, Catholic-tradition-honoring self these days (Chad has proven to be the "Now remember Nicole, it's Friday so no meat" man in the fam!). 

On this particular Sunday morning Chadly had to go meet his group for an assignment due this week (boo!), so the chillins and I have just been stewing in all things wonderful. Later on we will be taking the babes up to Yorba Linda to spend some time with Grandma C while we hit the Clippers game with the glorious sister and brother-in-law! So woohoo for awesome beginning of the week mornings, this wonderful time change, Target's dollar section, donuts and spending a heck of a lot of time together before the madness of the week begins!
Update on the lady:
Kota now likes to stand upon command and then likes to fall in the most dramatic of fashions and laugh her little booty off. She has yet to take 5 consecutive steps again like she did last week, which I think is due to the loving-to-fall-on-her-booty game. She still likes to claw your face off with her nails (it doesn't matter how short I cut those babies), but now she does it with a huge smile and a laugh. It's becoming increasingly obvious that she is one of those bambinas who KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS! If she doesn't get what she's pointing and saying DAT! at, it's all down hill for you, bucko. I love her decisive ways!
This big dude is officially registered for preschool in the Fall!!! I'm so excited for him! I feel kind of bad for not feeling any trepidation about it, but hey! I think that just means that we're ready. He now enjoys dressing himself in crazy outfits, hitting me from behind with his many swords (tree branches and brooms included) and trying to sneak in as many baths as possible during the day (as we speak I'm trying to talk him through eating his pizza before he lights off for upstairs). In the last few months he's become a bit more aggressive in his "I WANT THIS NOW" type attitude, but what can ya do? He's in check 99% of the time so that's a good thing!
I mean... just glorious.

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