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Monday, March 25, 2013

Sleep disruption and life pictures

So remember that time when I talked about how awesome it was to have my two very young bambinos sharing a room? Well.

TONIGHT, after her nightly lead-me-up-the-stairs-at-exactly-8:00-straight-to-her-bed-so-she-can-fall-asleep-immediately routine (I know. And that really happens, too!), I let the little man stay up for a few more minutes to finish Octonauts. Once it hit HIS bed time, I told him that he needed to be VERY quiet when he went to bed because the baby was already asleep, and guess what he did! Just guess! He went and woke her up! Now she's being ultra giggly and he's sulking because every time he opens the door I say, "Carter! Back in bed, DO NOT open the door for the baby!"

Okay, after reading that back I can't help but laugh. What the heck do I expect out of them? The kids are toddlers, for goodness sakes! They're engineered to sense Mom's I'm-being-serious-don't-make-a-peep tension radiating throughout the entire house! It's completely NORMAL for two children aged three and under to execute perfect front flips from Kota's toy chest onto her bed! Am I right? Am I RIGHT?!

Anyway, I'm also laughing because Carter will open the door then jam back to bed while Kota speeds through the hallway on all fours giggling like a maniac, and then the closer I get to her the more she starts to disintegrate into a ball on the floor in a fit of laughter. Oh, the level of cuteness!

And in other fabulous life news, here's what was going on this weekend!
 We got Carter his first baseball glove that was way too big for him but he loved to pieces (tear!). Then we went to lunch with Daddy, because OBVIOUSLY the man has to leave work to shop for mitts. Then we had to go to CPK.
 Dakota, the pasta fiend!
 The fork that has nearly poked my eyeballs out repeatedly. (But she will NOT give up.)
 "Here, ya want some mama?"
 Friday was one of those "Oh my gosh, it's the weekend and I'm ready to chill out" type of days. Also, Chad left for Vegas on Thursday night, so I was really in an anything-goes type mood. So I let the big dude eat a humongous bag of chips in his undies before nap time! I know, cool mom up in here!
 This plate was just for me and Kota. I'm not kidding.
 The "older kids" crew!!! They are awesome.
 Our family friend Lauren had her baby shower on Saturday! All of the little girly clothes made me really sad that I never had one for Kota. Seriously, what was I thinking?
 Holy cow. If you haven't seen Les Miserable, you are a worthless human being.
 Since finding out that one of my most awesome, favorite people on the planet is having another GIRL, I decided that I needed to send back all the adorable clothes she sent me for Kota, so you know what that means... SHOPPING TO FILL KOTA'S WARDROBE UP! It's a slowly but surely type process, but let me tell you: I'm looking forward to it!
From tonight. These two love her bed!

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