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Thursday, December 5, 2013

T Day Weekend and the Massive Tree

 Well dagnabbit, we are in the month of my two babes' births. How is it that by the end of 2013 I'm going to have a 4 year old and 2 year young (she's not getting older, she's not getting older, she's not getting older...)? I can't stand it. I can't have a children that old! What the heck? They're not kidding when they say you blink and they are grown. Sniff, sniff...

Anyhoo, we entered into Thanksgiving weekend ready to really soak it all in: Chad made the family turkey and green bean casserole for leftovers, I made the rest of the sides and we had Grandma Cheryl over on Saturday night for a nice dinner. We do this every year - have a mini din din of our own after the big shebang is over and done with. We clung on tight to one of the best traditions ever in this household: the Annakin Skywalker extravaganza, and doused the days in my new favorite drink, Fireball mixed with anything - or nothing, it's just that darn good (to stay festive though, I drained a liter of cranberry juice for this particular weekend). It was a great few days, even though Chad had to work on Friday and Saturday. That's okay though, because the babies and I laid low, went to the park, spent hours at Grandma and Grandpa Paplia's house and walked over the good ole' seestor's home (a whole 30 seconds worth of exercise!).
On Sunday we went to Fashion Island to walk around and see the humongous Christmas tree while majorly under dressed. I was FREEZING - what was I thinking wearing a short sleeved shirt? Sometimes, Nicole, sometimes. Anyway, it was a gorgeous sight, once I pried Carter off of the light pole all while he was screaming, "No! I don't want to see the Christmas tree! NOOOO!" A true vision of holiday joy we must have been.
 Finally I got Carter over there and forced him to sit on a present where he, dare I say it, had some fun! Who would have thunk?
 ^Carter's "Okay I've been saying 'CHEESE' for too long" face :)
^Both of their "'CHEEEEESE' when is this going to end so I can stop pretending to smile" faces :) :)

The holidays this year have been great, mainly due to these adorable ages. Cheers to 2013 and all that it has had to offer us! Woohoo for more Christmas time cheer!

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