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Monday, December 30, 2013


Twas the year of both babes knowing what was up on Christmas! Santa was looked forward to, cookies put out held significance and all was extremely merry. There's just nothing like saying, "Carter! Kota! Did Santa come?" then answered, "Oh yes, he sure did!" So much fun and preciousness :)

Old St. Nick brought Carter an awesome Cars bike and Kota her babies. He also threw in a chalk board for them to share (hopefully), which was nice of him. ;) Once the present opening was underway, everyone had a blast! We now know that Carter gets mad when Kota turns down his "help," and that Kota screams like a crazy woman if someone comes near her presents in order to expedite the opening process. It was pretty hilarious, you know, during the times when I wasn't shouting, "hey, hey, hey! That's a no-no, we don't do that!" 
 ^Carter showing me that he drew a "1." I was actually very impressed!
 ^Going night-nights with her dollies.
 ^This is where I surprised him with a trip to Santa Barbara that we never went on! Don't you love thinking you're being so sneaky only for none of your original plan ever happening? It seems to happen to me a lot!
 ^Her pink high tops that we are all in love with!
 ^Okay, so not the most attractive picture of the two of us, but us trying to do a selfie with my camera was so darn hilarious, this was the best of the bunch! The ones before it were super zoomed in with us making weirdo Zoolander faces at the lens. Aren't we hot??
 ^Oh, you know. Me just inappropriately parading around our complex in my pj's, NBD.
After presents were opened, Grandma Cheryl and Uncle Todd came over to open more gifts. After they took off and the babes went down for a nap and quiet time, we skipped over to my parents' house for Christmas dinner on my favorite dishware of all time.

 ^Sister Sister is PREGNANT with #3!!! 
So all in all, this year's holiday season was seriously jam packed to the max. We had so much fun and I'm so happy we completely ringed the heck out of 2013's Christmas festivities. The following Saturday, we did a 4th celebration at Chad's dad's house with everyone from the Cisneros side (we were there for a dinner with just us on Christmas Eve). It was a blast, but now I'm totally just looking forward to the new year. New year, new fresh things to do! Woohoo!

And it's Kota's official 2nd birthday tomorrow! I'm so happy for her reaching new milestones, it really is wonderful. Sometimes I need to stop being sad about them growing up and just embrace the awesomeness that is them expanding their minds and capabilities. Go Cisneros children!

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