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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I mean... The cuteness of a Christmas play at preschool!

 Holy cow. If anyone ever needs a pick-me-up they should go to a preschool Christmas play - talk about cuteness and smiles and happy kids and loving parents and above average photo opportunities. It was so adorable! I'm so proud to have these sweet babies, and even though it makes me sad that they're leaving baby-hood behind, I couldn't be happier to welcome in new stages. 

Carter was definitely a waver - as soon as he spotted Daddy in the crowd he couldn't stop! Just look at him with his blue argyle sweater! Ugh, it was the cutest!
And let me just tell you... The commercial that's on right now where all the parents are at a school play and every single one of them stands up to get a picture and they all end up fighting? Oh my gosh. It is TRUE. True, true, true, true, TRUE! There's not one bit of fiction to that commercial - parents are NUTS. Every single parent stood up in unison and rushed towards the front, and I can't say for certain that there was any true beat downs, but I wouldn't put it past this one Asian lady. I've learned that one should NOT get in between a child at their Christmas show and the camera in their parents' hands. And I was totally one of those parents :) 

Afterwards there was a mini party for the babes and parents and anyone who was invited! Grandma Cheryl came on in with us to watch the big dude chow down on some finger foods and be merry. The guest list included my dad, Grandma Cheryl, Uncle Todd, Aunt Gina, Uncle Bear and Tessa and Asher. A big crew for a short little singing play :) We've got lots of support up in here!
 ^Here is the picture that document's the day where Carter kept talking about how he was the king and Scarlet was the mom. Scarlet (Scarwet) is my boy's friend of friends, she's the only one he requested that I take a picture of him with and his mom and I constantly talk about how Carter just looooves her and she asks her dad how she's supposed to know if Carter's supposed to be her husband. Yep, that's where we are! Husband! 
 Happy with a bagel, finally!
 Here's a funny thing about Carter: he hates art! Doesn't want anything to do with it. Everyday during their artistic time, he will usually swipe his little paint brush across the page once and then say, "all done!" Can you believe it?! He already has aversions to things! 
 ^See! A scantily clad Christmas tree :) No art for my boy!

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