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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014!

I was in love with Easter this year. Everything is so much gosh darn fun with these munchkins! Each holiday is marked with pure, genuine, real joy, curiosity and wonder. The search for the Easter bunny was on this year, let me tell YOU. It was an actual sport, I say! Carter kept a super sharp eye out for him even AFTER he had dropped off the morning loot of eggs, chocolates (TOOOOO MANY CHOCOLATES THIS YEAR, MR. BUNNY MAN!), pool toys, towels, etc., etc., etc. Every few minutes during breakfast Kota would glance towards the windows and say, "There he is! See!" and then Carter would say, "You saw him? You saw him?? Mom, did you see his ears???!!!" It was adorbs from beginning to end.
We spent the morning at church then headed out to Huntington Beach for Grandma Cheryl's house where we had a fabulous lunch. I mean, I now know that I can eat an entire bowl of king crab legs. I'm not joking. Cheryl and I literally ate about 75% of the massive amount, Chad and Todd divied up the rest. They WILLINGLY allowed us to eat the rest. Idiots! Muhahaha!
 ^^^I got tar on my foot while at the beach!!!! That has never happened to me in all my 26 years - who knew that was a threat to beach-enjoyin'??! It was STUCK -  noooo coming off.... ever. Not until the next day! Here Chad is scrapin' away at the beach hut while I enjoyed the sun and a pseudo-pedicure. He's an awesome sort, I tell ya!
 ^^^She was SERIOUS about her chocolate. Sheesh.
Then we headed to the Paplia residence where I failed to get a yearly family picture of the four of us. What's wrong with me??!! I was diggin' my outfit that day too! Everyone looked fabulous, why oh why did I not document it correctly?? Oh well, we had a blast!! Good times my friend, good times.

And lastly, G Funky Fresh is due on June 1st and today is April 30th. Do you know what that means????!!!! She is due in 4 weeks! Now here's the thing: she had Asher 2 weeks early so there's a strong possibility she may have this bambino IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!! She may be two weeks away from having a baby. I just can't get over it!!!!! Ahhhhhh!

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