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Friday, April 25, 2014

Waiting for friends and this brown hair

Welp, it's 10:57 pm and I'm waiting for one of my best bests on the planet to pull into town from Arizona with her new fiancé/unfortunate individual who must listen to us speak in high pitched tones of voices every time we're on the phone with one another. I'm SO excited - listen here: they're spending the night here beginning probably around 1:00 am, then we're all going to wake up with the kiddos, have a fabulous breakfast, then Chad and TayMan (I hope he's not offended by my endearing nickname) will drop the babes off at Grandma Cheryl's while Whitney and I do things that gals do (what do you think it is? I have no idea! Woo!), then the four of us will take off to Malibu for my Big Sis from sorority's wedding! I know - OMG. And get this! The four of us will be sharing a hotel room. Not a hotel room with a master suite and an additional pull out couch, but rather one with two double beds right next to each other - HAHA! Every time I think about it I want to start laughing. I can't believe we're doing that - it's going to be awesome! (Isn't that picture awesome!!! It's from 2007!)
Anyhoo. While I'm thinking about it: this brown hair. THIS. BROWN. HAIR. Where do I start? It's almost an insurmountable topic to tackle. To just casually sling the subject around this beautiful, baby-documenting, Chad-and-my-newlywedish blog? I don't think so. It's been a very big deal around here. A very big one - I sort of feel bad for Chad. He's the one who has to listen to me talk about it everyday. Literally.

Well back in the day, I died my hair with a nifty box my sophomore year of high school, deciding that the ashy brown my beautiful locks had transformed into was just not flattering anymore. I quickly realized that me going dark was a bad idea, so I bought two BLONDE boxes, which swiftly turned my hair orange. Like real, REAL orange. Truly closer to neon, and I'm not kidding. I had to live with my neon hair for two weeks because I was advised to not touch it anymore otherwise it would fall out. So after that ordeal, I moved onto professional help, where I began an almost ten year stint of highlighting a glorious blonde color. Anyhoo, I was 16 then, so why I decided to go dark at the end of my 25th year of life I still have no idea.

Well, I sort of remember - I wanted something new. Just a nice, caramelly, light brownish, but no. It was not meant to be. My hair became so dark, I literally could not recognize myself! Leaving the salon that day I was all smiles - Hey! Look at me! I'm brave enough to do this to myself! But as the days went on I really started to ask myself what the hell I had been thinking. I made an emergency trip to Target to purchase a darker eyebrow pencil and I was in a true panic. After a few weeks of cursing myself, I finally actually DID my hair for Thanksgiving. I found out that I really didn't HATE it anymore, I just strongly disliked the whole shebang. Anyhoo, I've given it time and I still feel like this was not the smartest move. I'm going back blonde IMMEDIATELY. The nail in the coffin?? Welllllllll

I had to renew my license and I literally wanted to cut it up after seeing how non-awesome the picture was. AND I THOUGHT I LOOKED GOOD THAT DAY! WTF?! Not cool, not cool. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot about this: I was looking over pictures from a wedding last year, and one of them was from the back of the audience. I was sitting on the aisle, so I started looking for myself. Well! There I was looking all freakin' awesome with long blonde hair! Without sounding like a deuche, I was smokin' that day! WTH?! I no longer am smokin'. This brown hair is messing with my mind!!!!!

All of the above is evidence which points to the fact that blondes have WAY more fun. The end; experiment over. But anyway, such is the way of the world. I guess you just have to make some of those idiotic decisions in life. Lesson learned, my friend, lesson learned.

(Poor Kota from that picture above! She had just woken up and I insisted on documenting the moment. Girlfriend does not like waking up haha!)


  1. Oh Nicole! I've been in your shoes not once, not twice, but three times. I really never learn that dark hair just doesn't work with my pastiness. I also rocked the orange hair in HS while trying to get it back to it's blonde glory. When I died it dark again in college, I think John would have broken up with me if he could have and not looked like a total a-hole for dumping his long time gal over her hair style choices. But did I learn? No. I needed a "change" after baby, and asked for "less blonde" hair, and left a complete brunette. Funny thing is it's probably much closer to my natural color than the blonde I've been putting in it for years. This all went down three days before David and Karen's wedding. Smart move. I had my hair stylist add blonde back in, but when mixed with the dark, it looked like I had gray hair. Not sure if that's better or worse than orange. Guess I'll never learn!
    PS hope to be seeing more of you folks lately = )

    1. Haha! I'm in the same boat with the whole pastiness situation - it just doesn't work for me!! The day I did it I really did ask to go just a little bit darker, and left looking closer to a goth! Hahaha oh man, never again. I've also had the grey hair situation once when I asked for a few low lights - that will never happen again either. What the heck, it was so weird! Hahaha your dark hair in college reminds me of when I cut bangs when we were dating. I'm pretty sure it was physically painful for Chad to look me in the eye and his one-time "your hair looks good" was a very thinly veiled attempt at being a decent boyfriend hahaha. Oh man, you live and ya learn. And yes! Can I just say how unbelievably happy Chad is - and it's only been a week and a half! So glad about the whole thing. Woohoo!

  2. hey, you're smokin' no matter the color of you hair! love it both ways.

    1. Thanks!!!! There are some people who can swing both ways (you) and some who should stay away from the dark side!!! Hahaha


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