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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Noggin thoughts after Body Back

These kids are the bomb, man! I mean, just look at them - total bosses - sharin' undies and all! Woo, jackpot has been hit over here, jackpot. has. been. hit.

Today has been an awesome day for a few very random reasons:

1. Thursdays are my 6:00 am teaching day at PB, which means that I get a solid hour and a half of straight ME time in the mornings afterwards. THIS morning, though, I was crazy, crazy tired when I woke up at 5:00, which made no sense because I fell asleep at 9:00 pm the night before - I know. Anyhoo, thanks to a rare Starbucks run (oh, how life has changed. Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha's with a quad shot are no'mo). Now I'm happy with a good ol' fashioned tall iced coffee with room for cream. So simple and so awesome.

2. After work and a few errands, we headed to Dland with Chadly where I took Carter on Star Tours, just me and him. Even though Chad has told me many times that he's a total BA on that ride, I was nervous it would scare the hooligans out of him! I mean, it's sort of terrifying! Anyhoo, he did great and was so hilarious to watch throughout. He had his "pewers" out the whole time (read: his hands in gun shapes ready to "pew" the robots).

3. On the way there, we swung through Mother's and got this dark chocolate, peanut butter, nonfat yogurt, almond milk, espresso gigantic smoothie. OMG I will never drink anything else, ever. Starbucks can go to hell on all of our future driving trips!

4. After we got home from the big D, Chad made an awesome dinner of eggs (we be healthy folk nowadays), and then I took off for the end of Week 5's Spring Body Back class where my ladies became FREAKING beasts. I mean, they killed it. KILLED IT! 648 calories were burned by the end! 648! I do believe that's a personal best. Also, they all looked like they either wanted to cry or puke by the end, soooooooo WIN!

5. Now I'm sitting here with Chadly and the awesome new train/Lego table I picked up for Carter today from an awesome friend's sister! Yes, I went and got him a cool toy! Very rarely do I get these babes anything other than a few do-dads from the dollar section of Target - never mind something that could double as my non-existent coffee table! I just have had this bad feeling lately that since both of my kids' birthdays are within days to Christmas, does that mean that those poor souls have to wait an entire year for anything cool to happen to them?? Anyhoo, I went and I picked it up from her and now it's Carter's delight. Well, as long as Kota's not touching it. So tomorrow will consist of me telling Carter that it's okay to share and then occasionally letting Kota know that it's Big Brother's new toy, so that means he can have some time with it alone. Well. Yeah. Wish me luck, I didn't think about that until just now.

Anyhoo, woohoo!

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