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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A few daily, weirdo thoughts

I realized that I have a few weirdo thoughts that happen on a daily basis. For lack of more to say on the matter, here's what goes on in the noggin:

On the way home from Stroller Strides:

Wow I feel great. I'm so happy that today I'm going to be making great food choices. Those 3 weeks of clean eating really made me feel wonderful, I think today I'll start that again. My fridge is stocked with fruits and they all sound so appetizing, I'm really looking forward to feeling great tomorrow because I made such wonderful decisions today. Woo!

On the couch during the kids' nap and quiet time:

I had such a fabulous, healthy breakfast and lunch, I'm totally going to have a few Girl Scout cookies. When will these damn things leave our freezer? The faster the four of us eat them the quicker I can get back on the clean eating trail. I'll just have a few today...

....I'm so glad that there wasn't a full sleeve of Thin Mints available without opening another box - it really stopped me from consuming all 13 of them by myself. That would have been embarrassing. I would have had to explain the Chad that I've officially taken the whole "Sunday during Lent is when you can break your sacrifice" into all the other days of the week. I would have to say to him again: "Look babe, the Big Man and I have an understanding. It's okay that I ate those sweets."

While consuming said Girl Scout cookies:

Holy cow, Netflix is such a time suck. Thank goodness I took a few weeks off of life to complete House of Cards or else I would still be spending my nap times thinking about what the next episode would bring. Until that show comes back though, Amazon Prime and stupid Hulu really do take up a lot of work time. It's okay though, I need at least an hour to sit and do nothing or else I'll be useless during the second half of the day.

When 4:00 comes and I haven't done any work:

Crap, the kids are up and I haven't sent out those emails. I'll give them a snack and get them over with really quick. I really should stop doing this to myself and get this stuff done during nap time. I feel bad for sitting here like a zombie on the computer while stuffing them so they'll let me sit here.

6:30-7:00 pm:

Good Lord, please let Chad walk through that door within the next 30 seconds or else I'm going to take up knife throwing as a new hobby.

10:00 pm:

I love when Chad makes me these banana/peanut butter milk shakes! Eating clean is so great! I'm totally doing it tomorrow - Girl Scout cookies can go to hell! Woo!!!

^^EVERY DAY! These thoughts seriously go through my mind every day - the same ones! Anyhoo, that felt good! Glad to have some me time on this here computer. Now back to child rearin'!

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