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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The wild animals phrases

I literally call my children "you wild animals." There's no such thing as a separate Carter and Kota, but rather one long whatareyouwildanimalsdoing?! Come here you wild animals! Do I need to attack my wild animals with tickles?! Be careful you wild animals! I swear, just long strings to words I say again and again throughout the day, all containing a reference to untamed monsters in the mix.

The wild animal thing is usually spoken with a nice, sweet voice filled with an aww, aren't you guys so cute? tone, but there are a few other favorite word-strings spoken on a much more frequent basis with a not-so-nice inflection:

Guys! Don't touch each other! NO MORE TOUCHING EACH OTHER!

Stop bugging one another!

CARTER! Let go of her legs! She doesn't like that!

DAKOTA! Let your brother play with his toy! He let's you play with your toys!


Did you hear what mommy said?!


DAkota! (I literally only switch from Kota to the much more serious "Dakota" when she is pushing the limits which has become more and more often - apparently I'm a total first, middle and last name yeller at my kids when they're doing something bad!)

All of which reminds me: yesterday I was outside hanging with my sister with all the kiddos walking/riding their bikes around us, and what does DAkota do? She runs out into the middle of the street! Just full-blown took off in front of a car that was heading down the little midsection in our complex - and she knows better! YES! Embarrassingly, the person who was driving the car was my sister's mother-in-law who was there to watch her kids, so there I was with the psycho child who wasn't listening to my crazy "DAkota" yell. AND while shouting DAkota, I was also trying to catch her surprisingly fast sprint further into the street so I was doing that awkward running, hunched over, trying to grab your child's shoulder with a stressed out look on your face thing - yes, I was such an in control, totally cool mom in that moment for sure. FOR SURE.

Anyhoo, let's hope for a calm, collected mother at Disneyland tonight! This has been the weekend of fun celebrations for a few reasons, one of which being that my man has been SUPER stoked about a SUPER awesome work situation - ahhhhh!!! Love him and love his excitement!! Wooohoooo! The bomb, man! The bomb.

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