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Monday, August 11, 2014

Coach Chad the Dad!

Hey-o for an enormously productive day! Thanks to us completely running out of every morsel of acceptable breakfast food after the weekend, I got the kids going at 7:30 am for an early morning Corky's breakfast date, went to Stroller Strides, hit the mall for some post-class camaraderie, swung through Trader Joe's for an epic grocery haul, sprinted through Albertson's for laundry detergent and wipes, cleaned out the car once we got home and got the kiddos into quiet/nap time after an awesome lunch! Woo!

Okay but what trumps the epicness of today was this awesomeness: Carter getting to tell EVERYONE that we got to "Meet the Coach" for his first AYSO soccer team - "I got to meet my DAD!!!!!! MY DAD IS THE COACH!" 

Yes! Chad came home a few weeks ago and let us know that he will be coaching Carter's first soccer team. I almost cried. On Saturday we had the first event where everyone got to meet their coach at the local elementary school. It was an hour long meeting where we all first sat in a half-hour-long power point presentation (all of us meaning a million families with young children who were NOT interested in hearing about how "once your child becomes a star player around 8 years old, they will be tapped for All Stars." Oh thanks! NEEDED to know that while trying to quiet down my insanely bored 2.5 year old!). After listening to the way-amped commissioner, we all broke up into small groups to meet each other. Let me tell you, our team is boss. 

Team name? NINJA TURTLES! Team Manager? An awesome dad! Kids activity while we all talked? Playing tag! We're off to a good start with ole' Coach Chad the Dad. Pretty excited about it. 

Gooooooooo Ninja Turtles! Now get out there and kick some U5 ass!!!!!!!! We do not do fun. We do winning. The league does not keep score at this age but you better believe that we will. No goal = running laps. LIFE LESSONS SHALL BE LEARNED AND WE WILL HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT, DAMNIT!
He-he-ho-ho! I keed, I keed. Stoked for some entertaining Saturdays at Wagsdale Park! Woo! And how cute are these bubble blowin', messy haired, undies donning, sticky-from-running-around all day, on-the-verge-of-being-potty-trained maniacs? Yay for 2.5 and 4.5!

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