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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dance life!

A few months ago Kota took her first tiny tip-toed steps towards her future involving all things dancey and tutu-y and ballet-slippery and pretty-pretty-princess-tiara-y. I signed her up for Mommy and Me ballet class! Now this action was not a flippant, "every little girl must do this so I guess we should sign you up too," type thing. It was a well thought out, deeply researched, overly emotionally packed "I'll spend a few Saturdays in a row at the local dance clothes store just to make sure I get you the RIGHT leotard" situation. Totally normal for a 2 year old's, one day per week, half hour class. Totally.

I'll forget about the fact that I really didn't like the teacher after class 1 (where we had an awesome substitute instead of the usual chick who I wanted to punch in the face). I'll also forget about how judgmental I was of this "studio!" It was one of those types of places where kids can do anything and everything under the sun but none of the training is that great, you know? Like a jack of all trades but master of none type places? Yeaaaaaaaah we won't be attending there past Mommy and Me because obviously I can't have my daughter being taught that mediocrity in disciplines such as ballet is okay! NOOOOOO! Lastly, I'll forget about how I spent WAYYYYY too long trying to pick out the best and cutest purple leotard/tutu for her big first day and wouldn't you know it?? IT WENT MISSING! We've found it since, but I had to put her in this old tutu that's still super cute but not THE one.

Anyhoo, she did great, her little buddy Ella did great and us two moms (who were two of the three moms who were participating in this MOMMY and me class) were super proud. I realized that Kota really is one hell of a tan child under fluorescent lighting and that she can totally coupe. COUPE! Super proud dance mom, over here!
 ^^^Doing the "seal" with Miss Cynthia!
It was the best!!!!!!

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