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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Total picture catch up

It's the last day of August, it's the last day of August! Here are a few random thoughts on this (semi) relaxing afternoon:

- This is my 500th post! Cool, eh? Here is what I'm considering to further my thinking-way-too-much-about-my-blog chronicles: I think I'm going to go through and delete all the dumb, this-has-nothing-to-do-with-my-family, I-don't-even-care-about-this posts. Namely anything that has to do with that brief period of time where I thought it would be really cool to become this big ole' blogger. HA! Anyoo, it drives me nuts when I see those old posts come up because I know the mindset I was in while spending time on them: not very authentic, yo.

- We're potty training Dakota right now! I potty trained Carter during the month of August when he was two, so you know. Gotsta keep things consistent! What this means, though: us not leaving the house. Now us C's are not exactly homebodies, is what we've discovered. It's literally torture to stay inside and/or not drive somewhere. Before nap time I was about ready to gauge my eyeballs out. Later on I think we're just going to HAVE to leave this here <1,000 sq. foot space. It's going to have to happen.

- This is the post where I'm uploading all of the coolness from 2014 that I've yet to hit. Cool moments from a cool year. Fun stuff! 
^^^Newport Beach timeshare, August

^^^Carter's first AYSO U5 team, THE NINJA TURTLES with Coach Dad!!!! (Poor Kota! My heart was breaking for her during his first practice: she was so upset she couldn't play with the "dudes" and Daddy!)

^^^Baby Baylor's baby shower and birth day! (How disgusting that I hadn't documented this!)

^^^A spring time trip to Knott's with 4 out of the 5 grandbabes when the sister was pregnant. It was a hot freakin' day. Carter especially loved when I was forcing him to "smile for the camera!!!!" HAHAHA that second picture kills me!

^^^Beach day fun with my favorite people sometime early on in the summer festivities. Also, Carter and I are the same person sometimes.

Woohoo! Feeling caught up and awesome!

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