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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer afternoon randomness

Okay Fall, come to mama! It's time to arrive with all of your coziness. As much as we've loved this insanely awesome Summer, it's time to slow down. Bake a few treats. Enjoy some pairs of boots. Go back to preschool (or TK). Look forward to Halloween. Begin the storage of the birthday/Christmas gifts at my parents' house (shopping for which will begin next week -- INSANITY!).

This Summer was one of many hallmarks. First of all, they are just OLD now! They can play like wild animals without mom following closely. I've literally spent about 40% of the last few months sun bathing while watching Carts and Kots run out every ounce of energy at various splash pads, resulting in the first official tan in over 5 years. Swimming? Carter's got it down. Spending 4+ hours outdoors in a row? Nailed it. I feel like we hit this year so hard starting at such an early date (hanging out at the pool began somewhere in late April), that I'm A-OK with packing it up.
Anyway. What else is going on around here? Oh! We've decided to go back and open up a Costco membership -- we're inching towards being able to actually consume that much food. Well, Carter can at least. It's insane how much he can eat now. TWO bowls of oatmeal in the morning? Half a pack of lunch turkey in one sitting? Holy cow, what's it going to be like in a mere 5 years? Are we going to have to kill a new cow every week?? We'll be living near quite a few farms coming up here soon soooooo that shouldn't be a problem. Just a quick drive down the freeway and we'll be set! Anyhoo. That should be enough rambling for one awkwardly long computer sit-down. Happy Sunday!


  1. Every year at this time I get so excited for Fall, and then I remember that it's still like 100 degrees during our Fall : (

    1. So true!!! There are always at least a few days where I'm sweating while trying to rock a scarf. Come on, California!


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