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Thursday, July 9, 2015

A morning straight out of Hellraiser

Look at that cute little doggy on the day he came home. He looks so tiny there! Holy cow, this guy is becoming gargantuan. A gargantuan, sprawling ball of sweetness combined with nippy-ness. Someone, come get a grip on his nippy-ness for me.

Anyhoo, I'm typing about nothing because my brain has become a fried pile of mush from this morning's wildness. We all went mad! Truly no one was jiving. I was trying to get a few things done on the computer, including sorting out Carter and Kota's extracurriculars, and what was happening around me? Total meltdowns. At one point I yelled, "GUYS! I'm trying to figure out YOUR hockey and YOUR dance!!!!!!! Stop!" Snow was at it too! He wouldn't stop nipping to save his life. Chad and I decided that when he gets too out of control like that, he needs to take a chill pill in his crate. It seems like the only place to calm him down. I'm not sure if any dog expert would recommend putting their pup in time out, especially a time out in the crate, but we do it. 5 minutes in there produces a nice, calm dog usually, but not today. I had to put him in there twice! And I'll tell you what, dog time outs are way more heart wrenching than human time outs. He just gets so wound up with the kids! It becomes a tear-fest pretty quickly nowadays with Snow's increasing size, strength and determination to play tug-o-war with Batman capes and undies. The sad part is that he really is just having a good ol' time - poor dude! It's so fun to watch him having fun but sometimes his puppy-ness becomes too wild for the biological puppies of the home.

Anyway, then those bad moods translated into a horrific morning walk (we are trying to get Snow used to strolling around the 'hood), which then was cut short in order to take a desperate trip to Sprouts. I got myself a banana nut muffin to turn the bad vibes around along with the kids' chocolate chip, but I don't know man, I think all was too far gone by then. Next came getting gas, where a guy parked too closely behind me waiting for the pump. Super weird because there were a ton of open spots! Freaky people. Lunch was not a fun event because apparently the daily hot dogs that I make the two of them were not warm enough. What? I did the same thing I do everyday! Then Snow nipped Kota's night gown that she re-put on after the store and that was it. NAP AND QUIET TIME FOR ALL.

After all the stress from the morning, I inhaled a full sized Hershey's bar. Yep, just took it like a champ. Talk about some emotional eating! Hahaha, wow.

Anyway! It's all good now. Since I sat down to randomly edit that picture, I've poured myself some iced coffee and got a delivery from Amazon. I'm not sure if Amazon Prime is a good thing or a bad thing around here. Chad must check that site on the reg! He gets frequent deliveries of small things. Sometimes I wonder what led him to surf Amazon for these products. Today's delivery was of hair gel, a small purple weird brush, and then - get this - a handmade comb. Oh Chadly. Gaaaattttaaaaaa love his grooming ways!


Well that was nice. There are few things that a good sit down at the computer for the ol' blog can't sort out. I just caught myself asking Snow "ARE YOU MY LITTLE HUMAN? ARE YOU MY LITTLE HUMAN?!" in the most absurd baby voice you've ever heard, so I'd say the day is looking up. Gooooo coffee, writing out randomness and quiet time!

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