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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summa time

This year's hot season has been completely opposite of how I thought it was going to be. Prior to our first IE summer experience, I genuinely was dreading it. I've always heard tales of how horrendous the weather can be out here. True fear resided in my bones thinking of the increase of spiders and who knew what else when the temps would soar. The fact that our association doesn't have a pool was a real thorn in my side. The lone splash pad near our house didn't seem like it would appeal to our 5 year old fish of a man child. Oh yeah, and no beach. NO BEACH.

But hey! It really has been a great summer! No one is more surprised to utter those words than myself. Last year's season was spent in style, lounging at the Ladera pools 5-7 days per week, but nothing beats the comfortable feeling of hanging in a home that you love at the end of the day. Half the reason we were so out-and-about last summer was because we could not STAND the neighbor who lived below us. That and our petite apartment was anything but charming with what seemed to be a ridiculously small amount of square feet (hindsight: it was a great place to live with a crappy neighbor). So yes that was a great year, a fact that seemed daunting when thinking of 2015's summer, but my worries were in vain! I was so freaked that I would be driving to Ladera for pool days multiple times per week, but alas, we have not felt the need.

Snow has a lot to do with that. He's really grounded us to home, even more so than before. We don't want to leave him for too long, so just the fact that we need to physically be around to let him out of his crate, etc., forces creativity. When we hosted 4th of July for a few people, we got 2 blow up pools and that's been great! Who knew that would be so fun. Taking Snow for walks around the hood and talking to other dog owners adds a new layer to Corona life previously uncovered. Making the drive to Ladera to hang with the sister a few times a month seems to satisfy any need for an association pool, and hanging with sorority gals really has come in clutch, as it does, and will for a lifetime!

Another ridiculously amazing thing that has happened this summer has been Chad's obsession with the yard, which has rolled out into him understanding my perpetual need for decor that I actually enjoy. It's been well documented up in here that enjoyable decor has not always been the case throughout all of our moves. I'll do something in an attempt to save money (cheap out), then I'll hate it, then I'll want to change it, then Chad will be like "come onnnnnnnnnnnnn." Truly the worst cycle ever.

Well lucky me! The guy now understands what it's like to want to enjoy a space that means a lot to him - the yard. If even one malibu light is out of place, it drives him nuts. If the palms are not cut well, it drives him nuts. Grass getting a little unruly? NO. Also, he totally painted his office this one color that's driving him crazy. He did it on like a Thursday night or something, then went in on Friday to this crazy color, which he didn't have time to change before the weekend. The whole situation drove him insane over Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday afternoon, I was like, "hey babe! Isn't it crazy how a detail can drive you nuts because you'll be hanging out in it all day long and your work people will see it? That's how I feel about stupid decor I've done. It will literally drive me insane, no one can convince me otherwise. I won't even want to have people over because of something small that I don't like. YA FEEL ME?!" He totally felt me and laughed at how not cool he's been towards multiple decor changes. I would always say in response to his seriously I can't believe you changed things AGAIN tone, "well babe, you're not the one who is hanging out in this ugliness all day long. I can't take the ugliness!!!"  MUHAHAHAHAHA now he GETS IT! Thanks, yard and weirdo green office!

Anyway, all of that has produced a great let's-work-on-house-projects team. So much fun! And hey, due to a recent change in the family room, I really, REALLY have fallen in love with the whole place even more. Too obsessed, too obsessed. Now I can't wait to dig into the master bedroom, and thanks to the success of our white kitchen (something he was crazy opposed to for the longest time), the front "white rug" room which was executed while he was at work, and family room happiness, Chad seems to actually trust what I want to do! Woooooooooo, this is a big deal.

The recent projects in the family room include reupholstering the ottoman, changing out pillows and this big, 12 frame picture wall. I'll upload pics of what has been done when I get them off my phone, something that's not happening right now because we just got the Whole30 cook book and I'm SO EXCITED it just has to be read now while the kids are distracted. Wooohooooo! It's our 2nd day in, Chad's first time and my second go. Stoked!
Yay summer!

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