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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Okay I finally uploaded everything off my phone. You know what I realized while doing so? Apparently I take a ton of selfies, and stupid, weird ones at that. These selfies never make it onto FB or Insta, so why the heck do I do them? It's like I'm attempting all these artsy, freaky, "hey look at me I'm being so casual" but they are anything but laid back. Hahahaha! If I'm feeling brave maybe I'll include a particularly off the wall session at the bottom hahahaha.

Life moments!
 ^^^Two happy 4th of July parade watchers.

 ^^^With Chad and I doing Whole30, I went for a nice glazed d-hole before it began. I think it was the perfect addition to this lunch!

 ^^^Chad being a shexual on his first morning walk with Snow this last weekend.

 ^^^Carter is the sweetest. Every few days he'll say, "Mom, take a picture of me and Snow." It's so cute because I'll get like 30 pictures of this really adorable but slightly forced smile. This one here isn't forced because Kota crashed his photoshoot. They are the best.

 ^^^A very good couple friend of ours tied the knot this last weekend! It's always so nice to see the gals I don't get to hang with all the time! They are the bomb.

 ^^^Carter didn't want to play at the park this day, so he hung out with Snow and I. What a doll.

 ^^^Okay, it's wearing on my patience, especially as summer marches on, but this child seriously does not see rules as a thing. In her mind, they are just words that Chad and I say. "Kota, please don't do this." "BUT DAD...?!" "Kota, can you take your car outside?" "NOOOPE." It's really fun to watch her strong willedness... always in hindsight. I really do need to check my patience level though, because said strength really is starting to turn me into a crazy person.

^^^I have LITERALLY found the BEST place in the ENTIRE WORLD to hang with kids and a dog: an empty skate park! Holy cow, amazing. Everyone is trapped in there and it's one big obstacle course. By the end the children Cisneros are exhausted. It was so awesome. I'm hoping no one will be there tonight so we can hit it up again.

Okay and here's a ridiculous "we're all just hanging out casually" selfie session hahaha:
 ^^^AREN'T I FUN, KIDS????!!!!!
 ^^^It's just me, acting normal.
^^^What was happening here?
^^^Lest you forget a blanket, I've got you covered, girl.

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