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Monday, December 14, 2015

6 + 4: Pancakes and Pajamas!

Baaaah. This theme, those outfits, these babies (or young adults! Might as well be honest with myself). It was truly one of the best birthday party years yet. We really didn't mean to throw a party for them this year, but... you know. Gotsto partay in the home where you now feel AT HOME, ya know? Last year, for 3 and 5, we all felt so uncomfortable in our new town of about 10 weeks that their party was thrown at my parents' house in Mission Viejo, a healthy 30 miles away from here, so this year I was like a party here at our house is a mandatory event, even if these aren't exactly milestone, huge birthdays, you know? SO glad we threw a bash with our wonderful ol' group of people!

I wanted it to be short and sweet because... December. Everyone is so gosh darn booked during this month (including ourselves!), I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable coming to our shindig. So 10:30-12:00 was slapped upon the cutest Etsy invitation known to man, and it was to be so!
We then proceeded to make the universe's supply of pancakes and bacon, swing through Hobby Lobby for a few extra Christmas decorations, order the jump house because those things never get old, have a brief freak-out period where I got overly concerned that I hadn't specified who was wearing jammies on the invitation so therefore Chad and I would be the only two adults in regular clothes, and then clean the house. It was such a wonderful party prep process this year! Usually I'm like ughhhhh why oh why do people throw parties? They're so much work and stress! But this year I was all about it! I really think it's because of the holiday theme. I literally cannot believe that this is year 6 of party throwin' and it's the first time we've embraced the season. It was so much fun!
Because of how short the party was (which was a hit with parents! Little babies still got to nap, the whole day was not sucked into a kids party vortex and it allowed night time party-goers adequate rest and getting-ready time. Major win!), I wanted to make sure that we were moving along fast and efficiently. 30-45 minutes of arrivals, jump house jumpin', game playin' and chillin' out, next food, then onto sugar cookie decorating, then happy birthday singin', then presents (which was INSANE! Any more parties, there will be no present opening time. OMG). At first I thought my fast pacedness would seem a little rushed and crazy, but I forgot that we're dealing with 6 and 4  year olds here. Their attention spans were like 3 seconds long, so 15-20 minutes for each activity was great.
So great party this year. Our tiny, wonderful home was packed to the max, just the way it ought to be! So, so fun! We love our people!

Okay and really, I'm using this post as a big fat excuse for doing what I really should be doing right now: laundry folding, house cleaning and dinner prep - the usual Monday routine. I spent yesterday EXHAUSTED. We didn't get out of our jammies until 2:00 and then headed to my parents' house to drop off the 6' tables they let us borrow for the party and then just ended up chillin' there there through dinner time. I was so sleepy I ended up getting a headache! After we got home, I got really frustrated that the kids hadn't cleaned their rooms all day (something I was asking them to do since the morning time), so Chad took over while I angrily scrolled through Instagram on the couch (hahaha!) - what a Grinch I was being! Then Chad and I decided to complete Christmas shopping on Amazon, only to discover that my tiredness didn't really leave much room for Fun Nicole. "Wait, so why does Carter need to get a new hockey stick from Santa? He already has a hockey stick, he hasn't grown 3 inches in one year. Don't you think he'll be sad to get something he already has? He's on the verge of 6, not 15! He won't care if he gets a slightly larger wooden stick!" - clearly I needed sleep hahahaha! So today I'm trying to uphold maintenance. I know if I skip even one small thing from the to do list the residual tiredness from the party will create Monster Nicole tonight soooooo better get moving!

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