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Monday, December 21, 2015

Bullets of randomness

When mama goes through December pictures, they end up on the blogular. It's a rule of life.

 ^^^My girl and I had a Nutcracker date at the Newport Beach Public Library with Grandma Cheryl, Auntie Gina and Tessa! So fun and pretty!

 ^^^Kota celebrating her birthday in class! She came out of that room feeling like the queen of the world!

 ^^^Carter had his Kindergarten Christmas performance! He was the cutest little Christmas tree I ever did see!

 ^^^A little experimentation on the T2i never hurt noboday! Aperture, exposure.... you know. Weird stuff like that.

 ^^^JPD, we love thee.

 ^^^Carter's first sleep over at our house with his buddy from preschool, Carson!

 ^^^On said sleep over night, Kota felt very sad she wasn't "one of the boys," so she got to spend lots of time in Mommy and Daddy's room.

 ^^^When Kota was really into giving Carter a massage before his game to "rewax" him, and Carter wasn't so into it. But hey, it worked! He scored his first goal and got the game puck that night!

 ^^^A Target bathing beauty.

 ^^^I have no idea why this didn't upload with the rest of the Nutcracker pictures, but I'm too lazy to move it into it's respective group. At the Newport library there was this massive green backdrop thing, so we had to take 4,000 pictures with it.

 ^^^Hangin' curtains.

 ^^^Snow's bff, Grandma Cheryl!

 ^^^Friends since kindergarten, 6th grade science camp bunk buds, La Paz middle school goers and MVHS pals. Life ain't bad with one of these chicks by your side!

 ^^^Carter's second season of roller hockey's championship game! So proud of this little beast!

 ^^^When Daddy Amazon Primes, we don't leave him alone.

 ^^^When we took our first stroll through Gingerbread Lane here in C Town. How old do my babies look with those hot chocolates in their hands? They look like hipster young adults drinking coffee at night!

 ^^^Babes had their class Christmas parties on the same day, so Chadly and I divided and conquered!

 ^^^I seriously love watching this child at ice hockey. Obvi I love watching him do whatever it is he wants to do, but there's just something about ice hockey! He's so smooth and fab out there, you know? I want to sign Kota up for skate lessons so we can spend even more time at the rink. What is it about that place?!

 ^^^The night Carter literally licked his plate clean shall live in my long term memory forever. A very large victory for the cook.

 ^^^Being the solemn Catholic church goin' gal that us Paplia's were raised to be, I get really critical of anything "crazy" during service time. Rock bands during holy hour...? Eh. But I have to say, when us 4 Cisneros's attended Crossroads Christmas performance yesterday, I was VERY into the Darth Vader Nay Nay'in' and Gangnum Style partyin'. It was SO FUN.

^^^Mas is Snow's other bff!

So there it is: December pre-Carter's birthday, Christmas Eve and Day, Kota's birthday and New Year's Eve (sans 6 + 4th birthday party). The busiest month of the year is coming along pretty dang well, I have to say, pretty dang well.

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