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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2015 - the year the tripod became my best friend FOREVER

As mentioned, the weighty importance of documenting the kids' years of growth is not lost upon this ol' broad. So for 6 + 4, I refused to believe that my cheapness (read: not wanting to spend dough on a photographer in the midst of spending dough on other holiday based thangs) would get in the way of said documentation! It wasn't to get in the way, I tell ye!

A few weeks ago, I enlisted my friend Nicole to take our family pictures this year. She takes frequent photos of her darling daughters and is pretty dang good at it, so I was like "YOU! OVER THERE! YOU WILL TAKE OUR PICTURES THIS YEAR!" She said yes because she's awesome, but then when "shoot day" arrived, events arose with her family so we decided to reschedule. About an hour after that text message exchange took place, I told Chad that we were going to give it a shot ourselves. After all, Tripodizzle was getting experimented with more and more, and... do I need to mention the self timer love again? So later on that day, we left our house at 3:45 (trying to be all artsy and photographer-y... golden hour was not to be missed!), drove about 3 or 4 exits south on the 15, then parked our little ol' Volvo on the side of the road near a golf course.
Going into the whole thing, I knew (KNEW) no one was going to listen to me. "Mom, shush!" - words that would would be spoken by the babes. But ho-ho! All of us got a kick out of me being like "okay you stand here, put your arm here, get Snow to sit here, smile super duper happy, say yay!" I mean, it was so cool! I literally COULD NOT believe we got pictures! And on top of that, the lighting was boss! BOSS. I was overly stoked. Like crazy person stoked.

As soon as we got home, I uploaded, did 20,000,000 happy dances, then proceeded to make our Christmas card which is waiting for pick up at Costco. The next morning, I got to thinkin'. I went onto my favorite photographer's website (the one who shot our wedding and is WAY out of our price range for yearly family photos), and started examining what it is that I like so much about her photography. Then I picked my 11 favorite pictures from the 11 different set ups we did, and got to "editing" them the way I thought our favorite photog would. Like on one tab I had her website, then on the next tab I had my uploaded picture to the free online site I was using. I kept switching back and forth and hey hey! After a bunch of playing around, I got all 11 pictures to where I wanted them to be. That's DEF not to say I'm putting that "editing session" up there with that amazing photog, but for 6 + 4 year old pictures and family documenting, I wouldn't say it's too bad!

I'm sure in a few years I'll look back and be like "wow, that's a ton of editing," but right now I freaking love all of them! I truly feel like we scheduled an appointment with a photographer, everyone participated and that was it! Except the photog was my new bff, Tripodizzle.
THE BOMB (even though I kind of messed up on the one with Carter and I - who cares! You live and you learn!). And hey! We got home at 4:40! 3:45 - 4:40. Talk about an awesome way to spend an hour!

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  1. You did a great job. So funny you hopped in the car and just took an exit. The background is perfect. I have a story or you. I am sharing on my blog soon. We just moved after 30 years. Almost every year I do a photo of our grands. They are only all together once a year. So sometimes I use separate photos. They are always pictures that I have taken. Mostly because I have them and that's easier to work with. So this year I thought I would shock them and have someone come take our picture of my husband and I and our doggies. So I found one online. She came and in the rain took pictures of us on our porch. She only charged $30 so I gave her $40. Now, I can't find her number and haven't heard from her. I called a couple of people to see if it was them but no answer. So our friend stopped the other day and I handed him the camera and he took a few. I don't edit so just used the direct photo and ordered a few cards. Wonder if I will hear from the person that came to our house.


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