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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The everyday with my new babay + Xmas

What's better than Christmas week? NOTHING! We had so much gosh darn fun this year. Quick run through of the festivities for good ol' 2015:

* Christmas Eve was spent at the Paplia home, something that's turned into a tradition over the last few years. And listen to this! I recently cleaned out my closet so that I could rebuild with things that were better quality vs. items I had just picked up over the years out of convenient pricing or other not fun reasons. I figured I would go shopping for at least a shirt or two before Christmas, but alas, it did not happen - so I just threw on one of Chad's massive sweaters! It actually looked pretty cute in real life! But the few pictures taken that night made me look hobo-esque, so hey. My daring fashion maneuvers didn't exactly translate to film. It's okay, you can judge this outfit as ridiculous (but freakin' awesome because I was basically walking around in jammies the whole night. Win!). And also I had no idea what I was doing adjusting my camera's shutter speed, hence a very blurry photo, but a photo to mark the occasion nonetheless! Anyhoo, love Christmas Eve at the Paplia's. So fun and so special with all the babies running around. And now, Hobo Nicole:

* Christmas Day! Man! It was such a wonderful day! This year, more than others in the past, I felt like I wasn't connecting to the real meaning of the season. There was very little praying going on and my main focus fell on when we would be getting our Amazon Prime shipments. Also, I was overly stoked that I was wrapping all of the presents in very large boxes, thanks to the Amazon deliveries. I wrapped the card game "Uno" for Carter in an 8x20" box! The reason I was doing that was because I just LOVED how full and awesome all the GIFTS looked, set up all pretty like that. It was all very appearance driven! Anyway, focusing on such dumb things actually produced a lot of anxiety during the weeks between the kids' birthday party and The Big Day - not cool, and not nice to Jesus. Once I clued in to how uptight I was being (amidst the Paplia Christmas Eve celebration), I took a deep breath and prayed a whole heck of a lot. Getting back in touch with the real reason for everything produced a happy, amazing, very thankful Christmas morning!
 Santa gifted Kota her first big girl bike!
Daddy got a really sexy budget board made by yours truly which will fly us to exotic places because we'll be so great at saving (bahaha! Here, my husband, here is a gift for you but kind of for me... but really for you!), among other things!
 Star Wars was Carter's bff this year! Santa brought him an Infinity Disney video game!
 Carter, Kota and I made Daddy an entryway table!
And THIS! This is the product of Chadly's present to big mama over here! My new babay: a legit, crazy camera lens! I don't even know the exact name of it! He gave me lots of camera accessories and then we proceeded to play around with it Christmas morning. Thankfully the BIL gave me a little camera 101 when we went to the desert where I learned a smidgen more of her full potential! So, so, so fun and awesome! That, and my boyfriend for life offered a helping hand in said wardrobe rebuild and an ERIN CONDREN PLANNER! Gah!

* Later on on Christmas Day, bff Whitney and her man Taylor came over for enchiladas while en route to her family's Xmas celebration, Grandma Cheryl and Uncle Todd hung out for a long time, and finally, my parents came through to finish off their IE rounds! It was so much fun, relaxing and amazing!

* Then on the 26th we headed to our beloved desert for Christmas festivities with the SIL, BIL and Grandpa Ernie where we had a blast, as we do with those people. So much fun! After my little photo tutorial from Justin, I proceeded to take a ridiculous amount of weird pictures to sort of get the hang of it. The good news is I got some dang hunky pictures of the hubs. Yes, yes I did!

So now to the point of this ol' post before I realized that I should probably document Christmas. With this crazy lens that Chadly fitted to Mr. T2i, I really want to capture the everyday even more so than usual. I mean, duh, pictures are abundant between the "big camera" and Chad and my cell phones, but I want to get things like messy rooms, floor playin' and just life the way it really is during this season of our lives! How cool is that? Just a bunch of pictures of nothing... but everything! You know?!

Playing around with focus, figuring out the wild world of aperture crap, shutter speeds, lighting... doing stuff like that with my babes. I've decided that my Shutterfly books will be for all of the big things throughout the year and the 4x6 prints will continue, documenting all of the "small" things. I actually like my 4x6 albums more than the Shutterfly books. They capture all of the "in betweens," the things we will actually care about in 20 years. So I'm glad I figured that out! Now I'll have Mr. T2i and Crazy Lens along for the journey with even more purpose, ya dig?

Anyhoo, I always feel douchey when thinking too much about this stuff. Like, "chill Nicole, don't be trying to be all Chardphoto on Instagram about this stuff," but hey, what can you do! It's all great to think about and do. So now that Crazy Lens has been introduced and my photo 101 has been completed, how about some "I'm having way too much fun with foregrounds and backgrounds" moments!
Oh yeah! Give it to me, dangling Christmas lights! You're a star! Forget about the little people in the background! The palm trees are just jealous! I'll blur them out!

 More Christmas lights! Stupid palm trees! Always trying to steal the scene! Crazy Lens, I command you to blur them away!

 Blue Steele, American flag! Give me Blue Steele! Yes! Yes! YAS!

Okay, that was weird. So now two more of the everyday, brought to us by Crazy Lens.

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