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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A day full of possibilities

Wednesdays are always great because I have work in the morning for a few short hours (I teach three classes, but with an hour-and-a-half break in between my second and third), so Chad and the little man have some quality man time together. At first I was bummed to have to be apart from my dynamic duo on one of Chad's days off, but once I realized that the alone time was good for the two of them, I switched gears and started to think of my work time as "me" time. Anyway, every Wednesday I'm off work at 1:00, so we always have the rest of the day free to do whatever we want! Plus, it's awesome that I'm able to get a few hours of work out time during the morning as well (why is my job so perfect?).

Here's my dynamic duo spending some man time together :)

So, what are we to do on this most beautiful of Wednesdays? Go to the beach? Visit D-Land? Bask in the glory of the sun (albeit an extremely hot sun!)? The options are endless! Either way, though, I will be taking plenty of pictures and will report upon our day later on!

Oh yes, and I pulled out a trusty $20 bill for my two week present! What shall I get this time around...?

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