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Monday, May 23, 2011


Yesterday was the day we have all waiting for: Graduation! 

It was literally one of the best days of all time, and I couldn't help but feel emotional for the majority of the day. I kept thinking about how Chad has rooted me on, and how Carter's high school graduation is going to rush up on me quicker than I think, then he will be heading off to college, then four years later I will be sitting in the stands at some University (Yale, Harvard, USC... we haven't decided yet), surely to be bawling my eyes out, remember how I was sitting where he will be sitting, just about twenty years prior! Honestly all of that was going through my head as the speeches rolled along!

After the ceremony we had a little party at our place with just our two families, and during Chad's toast I almost burst into tears because of all the hard work that had built up to that day. It was thoroughly wonderful, and I wish I could upload a picture of me in my full regalia, but sadly my camera broke a few days ago, and I have yet to ask my mom for her SIM card. 

Today, however, I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach due to pure exhaustion, so I've been laying around like the world's laziest human being. Chad, thank goodness, is coming home early from work and will hopefully be making dinner for the two of us, as Carter is at Grandma Cisneros's for the night (she convinced me that I needed a break and that I should enjoy the solitude of an empty, clean -!!!- apartment). Honestly though, I felt legitimately sick, so much so that I couldn't even go into work. Just writing about it is making my stomach turn, so that's enough of that!

Anyway, I'm glad I went through with the ceremony, even though I had to wake up at 5:45 am and was STARVING by the time it was all over. It truly gave me a sense of accomplishment, and I can not WAIT until we get to celebrate Chadly's graduation (I fully plan to have the world's largest party for him, complete with acrobatics and flame-throwers. Seriously. Oh, and everyone under the face of the sun is invited. Mark your calendars!). But more than anything, it made me think of Carter and how time whooshes by, and how proud I will be of him when we celebrate any one of his many graduations (pre-school -a full cap and gown will be made, kindergarten -another cap and gown will be presented, sixth grade, eighth grade, and oh yeah, high school).  

So congrats to my fellow graduates, good luck to all y'all who are working on those degrees, and good job to everyone who has already finished. Woohooo!

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  1. Congratulations, Nicole - it's so impressive and admirable how you are able to juggle school, work, being a mother, and being a wife!


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