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Friday, May 20, 2011

A little Carter time

A couple of weeks ago we set up a family photo session with one of the best photographers, Kim from 1CliCk 2 CliCk Photography! She's relatively new to the game, but her pictures are insanely beautiful, giving away no hint that she's only been snapping away since her two year old was born! Anyway, we were super excited about a much needed family photo shoot, only to find out that apparently Chad and I are now the world's most unphotogenic human beings, and that our son outshines us in literally every single picture. There was not ONE picture that looked good of the three of us! Either I'm looking like a crazy cat woman, or Chad's looking like Chester-the-molester, or we're both looking like we'd rather eat Carter up like cannibals! Basically, we looked terrible; Carter looked fabulous. So here are a few pictures of our little man looking as precious as ever:

My model baby <3


So precious <3

"Hello, my name is Carter, and I'm a top model."- Okay, that was a little much....but seriously.....

Oh my gosh, I could just squeeze off his cheeks right here!

My baby :)

As you can see, we have a good lookin' dude on our hands. I'm a little scared for the teenage years when I'm going to have to beat off the ladies with a broom. 

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