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Monday, May 2, 2011


The new schedule around here on Thursdays and Fridays is to watch my precious niece, Tessa, while my sister is at work! One would think that handling two toddlers would be quite the handful, but it's actually the opposite! Carter loves playing with Tessa, so they keep each other occupied. It seems weird to say, but I think two kiddos are easier than one! So, in order to fill some time with the little ones, I decided to give duck-feeding another go. (The first time we tried, the ducks literally mobbed us and scared the heck out of me!) Anyway, it was so cute to watch! Here are a few of the photos:

Look at those good kids, holding hands and everything! (I may or may not have been pushing for a sweet little hand-hold...but we can pretend they did it on their own!)

Making their way to the duckies :)

The two duckies who were interested in us :)

My little man <3

The goods!

The little area where they were free to run around like wild animals...

Look at those well behaved little children!

Anyway, it was quite a fun little outing. The only down side was that after our fun little photo shoot Carter fell down and scraped his knee big time, which eventually covered my new shirt in blood :( It was a small price to pay for a great day!

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