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Thursday, May 28, 2015

An ambitious day if there ever was one

I was just texting with Chad about what I'm doing right now, and just realized how over the top the whole day has been, indicated by the slight PTSD state of the myself, Carter and Kota.
Today Kota and I walked Carter to school, then came back home and immediately took up working in the backyard, trying to eradicate the overgrown weed kingdom it has become. Once that was done and roses were trimmed of their dead buds, I thought that we should just keep the momentum going, so off to the front yard we went. The two of us then churned, weeded and discarded of all the sun drained, hideous red bark that the previous owners kept around, all while Kota was rebelling by throwing my piles of weeds onto the side walk.

THEN, there's this Jehovah's Witness woman who visits our house every couple of weeks. Now look, I'm all for a little religious chatting, but this lady crossed the line today. First of all, I thought she was my neighbor at first, so there I was shouting hello to her after she got out of her car (which she parked right in front of our house. Creepy). She then pulled out a tablet and told Dakota that she had a nice cartoon to show her while "mommy and I talk for a second," which I shooed away as politely as I could. She handed me a book, after which I had to slightly cut her off by informing her that I only had 20 more minutes to finish our yard up (before leaving to get Carter but I didn't want to tell her that), and also that we are Catholic and getting more involved in our own church (something I've told her many times before!). She then told me that no matter what religion you are it's a good idea to get more information. Yes, yes, okay thanks. So after awkwardly having to cut the convo short, causing her to walk back to her car, I started thinking about how weird that all was. Not only was our home the only house on the block that she visited, she parked right in front of us yard-workers, then after addressing me by name, proceeded to show Kota some video that I had never seen about a religion that I've told her several times that we're not apart of because we like our own. Oh, and before leaving, she told me that "next time, we're going to talk about the booklet" that she had given me! What??! If she comes back another time I'm just going to have to tell her that it will need to be the last time we speak of the whole thing (and ever again). She's a nice older woman but it's becoming a bit pushy and scary.

Anyway, next we went to pick up Carter then my mom came over to take us to get our car at Carmax. I feel kind of bad because I was sort of snappy with the kids the whole way down there, clearly becoming a little tired from our morning in the sun. After Carmax, I thought it would be a good idea to swing through the mall with a 5 and 3 year old right in the middle of nap time. So smart.

So we swung through there, then because I was semi-yelling at them the whole time, I decided to be a cool mom and reward them with a few gummy bears from Sweet Tooth for the first time. They were happy so cool!

We finally made it home, where Carter immediately ran to the couch to pick up his video games controller, Dakota ran to the other couch while ripping off her clothes en route to Sofia the First watching, and I found myself sitting here first eating a Larabar, then a ridiculous amount of cashews and finally, another Larabar!

The air is also on and it's almost 5:00 pm and I've made no attempts to turn off either TV. Thank goodness we were all in good spirits while today was happening! It wasn't until I noticed our extreme levels of comfort-quests that I started to reflect on what a packed time it has been.

Okay and finally really quick. I don't think I'm making dinner tonight. The chicken I defrosted sounds so lame and boring. Also I'm pretty sure there are no vegetables, so that's a great excuse to grab some pick-up, right? Here's another thing. Last week's Friday night family date happened at a restaurant less than a mile away from home that we had never tried before and it was dang delicious. Want to know why we had never given it a shot? It's called FISH-O-LICIOUS. Now doesn't that just sound disgusting? There are also fluorescent lights in the place. I really don't want to eat my fish from a place with fluorescent lighting. But holy guacamole, it was so amazing!!! It was also great quality - everything grilled with bomb, vegetable sides. So me thinks that Fish-o-Licious is going to have to happen tonight.

After rereading about the day, it actually doesn't sound too packed. I think I'm just weirdly tired because I went to bed last night after midnight like a hooligan, then Carter came strolling into my bed at 6:30 this morning. He was completely dressed for school with his back pack already prepared with his "share toy" and all! He just loves school, that boy. Love it!

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