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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life be like

Definitely not too upset about my girl obsessing over big brother's roller blades, Carter riding like a maniac in the street (which has stressed me out less since I made the rule that Dakota is no longer allowed in it), having Ernie and Sonya over to watch the Ducks game, Kota's daily beauty regimen in her new dance top and amazing tutu, and last but not least, good children while spending too many hours at Carmax. Tis been a good week! So good, in fact, that Kota has been sleeping many hours per day. It's 5:09 and she's still snoozing. I'll probably regret that fact later, but hey. Not going to go and rock the peaceful boat right now.

Anyway, what else is on the noggin. Last night I was a cool mom and took the kids to the park after dinner. I wanted them to knock the heck out for bed time and, let's be honest, my motives were a bit more on the selfish side. I was really in the mood for a workout, even a walking one, so I really pushed for the idea. It was great! Then when we got home, the babes really did pass out, freeing me to watch 19 Kids and Counting (duh) and Flip or Flop in a clean home. Super awesome.

Anyhoo, Kota Koo just woke up so I think I should go do some stuff other than talk to the kids from my bedroom while typing. Woo!

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  1. I also spent too many hours at Carnax this week. Grrr


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