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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day 2015!

Of course it was a great one yet again - how can that day not be wonderful?! We ate, we laughed, we ate, we played, we ate, we drove in the new car, we ate, we hung out at the beach, and finally, we ate. It was beyond amazing!
One thing about this year that was different was that I'm actually in the middle of whole30. In fact I'm on day 16 right now! Mother's Day clocked in on day 13, so leading up to the biggest most wonderful weekend of the year, I was a little bummed that I wouldn't be bathing in maple syrup per usual. Normally it's a massive sugary breakfast fest. Cream cheese strawberry stuffed french toast. Orange and lemonade mimosas. Cheesey eggs and hash browns. Butter. Syrup. Yummmmmmmm. But not this year! On day 8, when I realized what was to be come M Day, I almost broke down out of sheer horror. To eat healthy on the day where I shall be pampered? NEVER!

But after my little freak out fest on the 8th day, my resolve grew stronger after scouring Pinterest for clean (sweet tooth approved) options, even though I totally know that's not how whole30 really should go. Oh well. I say that that is one rule that was made to be broken on Mother's Day (no simulating sweets even with clean ingredients). I told Chad that I certainly would not be cheating on M Day, so hopefully he could work with that.

He, of course, made a ridiculously fabulous clean breakfast and then acquiesced to my forever request: a trip down to the beach! So we ate a ton, then loaded into the family ve-hi-cle that we're obsessed with and took off for the Montage in Laguna Beach. There is just something about that small stretch of beach - it's like the bluest water I've ever seen in California and hey, you can't beat walking around dem grounds, ya dig?
So it was a great day! It was so strange to actually be carrying out a diet type thing to the extent of working around it on a day I associate with heavy eating and drinking (mimosas) with my little loves. Since my motivation is not weight based (break outs, be gone!), it seems like even more of a victory to have mastered some self control in that department! While I was eating my massive breakfast, I knew that I was enjoying that meal even more than I would have if we were eating all of the usual sugary delights. It felt like we were getting away with murder or something: enjoying a clean meal on a holiday! Like completely indulging and treating ourselves, but in a new form. Pretty dang cool, I say! I'm stoked on how this program is going. After freak out day (the 8th), it all just feels like this is normal life! No carbs? No problem! Sugar? Why? Alcohol? It's sort of peaceful not having a glass of wine on the weekends. Super cool! I suggest it to all.

And by the way, Chad was going to surprise me with my usual Starbucks drink, but before he left he decided to ask first just in case. I went online to find a whole30 approved Sbucks delight, and wouldn't you know it, the drink I got is my new favorite thing of all time. It's SO good and all approved: chai tea (NOT THE LATTE - JUST THE TEA) with a shot of espresso and dash of cinnamon. Oh my gosh. And hey! It's cheaper than my usual tall iced white chocolate mocha - and I got a grande heyoooo! Very cool.

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