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Friday, May 15, 2015


1. Is it weird that every May I think, "Just a few hot days between us and Christmas!" What's that all about? It happens every year, but I really do enjoy the summer.

2. I've been a bad rose mommy and have let my poor blooms whither into early deaths. I just need to drive to Home Depot and get some rose fertilizer, but who wants to do that when I would much rather buy lumber?
3. Okay, we are going to make a new kitchen table (I hope Chad's picking up what I'm throwing at him here - "hey babe, I know we just built a table a few months ago, but now I want a new one"). As much as we love our original Bessie, she's just a bit too overweight for our space. I think we are going to put her outside to start our outdoor living room (Chad loves when I refer to the backyard as the outdoor living room... he really thinks it's cool when I use HGTV lingo.). Anyhoo, I'm very excited about this.

4. After that, I'm going to spearhead the construction of an entry way table. I can't wait! I also really want to take this woodworking class held less than a mile away from home, but it's semi-pricey. But then again, the added price of the month-long class, the new kitchen table and the entry way table would come in under $500, significantly less than purchasing either table retail... so maybe that's the logic I should use when trying to rationalize signing up.

5. Obvious statement, but I just love having a fully stocked kitchen! Since our household basically runs off of apples and bananas, the sheer sight of an overflowing fruit station genuinely makes me happy. Several snacks for the voracious children? YES. Meat options for almost every night of the week? Oh, the joy! Cashews bought in bulk? It does something to me.
6. I finally hung some pictures in our master! This room is still very much the least finished of all the rooms - spackle splatter, hideous dresser, yellow walls, weird comforter, floor bed and non-pretty pillows reign supreme - but it feels nice to have a little bit of SOMETHING to look at. It just reminds me how much I have loved the process of filling up our home with things that we love (NOT things that are just there as fillers). Also, I started my much anticipated cross collection and hung a pictures-of-friends wall! So fun.

7. Oh man. The best thing to have ever happened to my Whole30 has happened. Chad tagged me in a healthy pancake video on facebook and now my life will never be the same. It's one mashed up banana mixed with two eggs and a dash of cinnamon. The concoction is poured onto a pan in the size of pancakes and then I smear almond butter all over my 3 amazing, warm, fluffy p-cakes. LIFE CHANGING. (I know these are technically not allowed because it goes against the whole sex with your pants on thing, but whatever. You can think of them as protein patties! I just think that if you're not someone who's trying to lose 100 pounds where you literally really do need to change your eating psychology or else you will end up dead, then one can responsibly satisfy their sweet tooth while still remaining compliant with the program ideas. Pancakes all around!)

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