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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Ever since the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, two events were at the forefront of our minds: the back-to-back wedding days of two of my best friends! YES! Liz's proposal came around Christmas time 2013, and Whitney's followed in March of 2014. It wasn't until November, though, when their bridal showers started approaching, that Chad and I fell into "holy crap, thousands of festivities shall be happening very soon" mode. I mean -- the coolest! It was such a fun feeling. Liz and Whit were getting married, wahooooooo! Anyway, I felt that some legit documentation needed to happen up in here.

Whit's bridal shower:
One of the most important skills Whitney has is her ability to execute an amazing party. SHE can execute an amazing party... do you know how much pressure we put on ourselves to throw even a semi-decent shower for this chick? OH. MY. GOSH. we idiotically ran around like chickens with our heads cut off in this awesome Yorba Linda home trying to create even a smidgen of an acceptable party for Whittier. It was nuts! Each one of us felt the exact same way: Whitney does so much for us so we just WANT THIS PARTY TO BE OKAY! Hahaha. Anyway, guess what? I was in charge of the games and totally botched one of them. Woops! Love you, Whit!

Liz's bridal shower:
Liz's December shower was such a blast! I proposed that Chad and the kids should join me on a trip down to Scottsdale where we would stay with Whitney and her man. This party was thrown at a stunning home, around which Whitney gave me direction and I floated willy-nilly, just happy to be there. The whole weekend was such a blast from beginning to end!

Whit's bachelorette party:
Not to sound the sad trombone due to the outcome, but I had found out I was pregnant about a week before attending this amaze balls San Diego trip, so I felt a little trepidation driving down south, specifically because of how awkward I thought I would be! Within the first 5 minutes a shot was poured, after which Liz yelled, "NICOLE'S NOT DRINKING THIS WEEKEND," so all the gals immediately knew which was a great way to just get the info out there. Anyhoo, this weekend was so much fun once again! There was one migraine incident, but that truly is a ridiculous story for another time hahaha. After the weekend I was again just so grateful for badass women in our lives!

Liz's bachelorette weekend:
NASHVILLE! Y'all, this was my first time flying somewhere all by myself! I was so freakishly excited for this trip it was ridiculous. After a 4 hour layover in Denver (budget traveling sometimes is not your friend), I sped through the Nashville airport, speed-ate through a Wendy's baked potato (pregnant!), then crazy ass jammed over to THE GRAND OLE OPRY! And get this: it was a record-breaking cold weekend there so it was snowing! I mean, the whole weekend was so beyond. I even met a cool lady on one of the planes who taught Dave Ramsey! Gooooo Nashville!

Liz's wedding:
Holy insanity, this weekend was incredible in so many ways! Not only did we get to hang with the bests of the bests, but these strong women lent their amazing healing powers to Chad and I during such a sad time after receiving some very bad news. It enriched her wedding weekend so much! From flower prep, to the several rehearsal dinner flip cup victories, all the way to our record-breaking uncomfortable bridesmaids shoes, this will always be a very treasured weekend.

Whit's wedding:
Whit's wedding was out of this world, too! The sheer undertaking of this wedding blew my mind. We all stayed in this amazing casino hotel in downtown Phoenix and were bussed into the stunning venue by several charters (the original hotel was right next to her venue, but somehow had been double booked by another conference, so that hotel had to transfer us all about 45 minutes away). At first Whitney was VERY stressed about the logistics (as any sane person would be), but it made the whole weekend even better! Also, the size of the parties alone totaled 23, then add parents, grandparents and everyone's significant other, and we were rollin' with close to 70 people just for pre-wedding festivities. Again, mind blowing! But of course, given the incredible planning abilities of Whit and Liz's enforcer 'tude, everything went off without a hitch.

And so now the weddings are over and I'm having withdrawals. We went November, December, February, March and April seeing each other - an awesome fact! Next they're all coming out here to stay at our house in June I think. That better happen. IT BETTER.

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