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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Confessions of a photo addicted human

Okay, the photo addiction is real. I should be getting the 8x8 January - July 2015 Shutterfly book next week, to accompany the 400 prints already in their beautiful little 4x6 album sleeves for this year. I'm chomping at the bit to continue on with the OTHER 8x8 book for 2015, July - December (literally wanting November to hurry up so I can add more pictures to that book. Hahaha chill out, Nicole). And guess what I just ordered? ANOTHER 8x8 book of all of our family's professional photoshoots from Carter's newborn pics right on down to December of 2014. Just a swift, 38 page book of professionally edited pictures - BECAUSE I'M ADDICTED. But truly, that book is going to be badass. I'm thinking coffee table type material.

Which brings me to my next point. As said, I got photo sessions for every large family thing, as one does (minus maternity pics for the eldest - oops!): Carter's NEWBORN, Carter's ONE, Carter's TWO and Mommy is 9 months pregnant with Kota, Kota is BORN, Carter is THREE and Kota is ONE, Carter is FOUR and Kota is TWO. No big deal, right? Well for FIVE and THREE, I decided to take a year off from hiring someone to take our pictures, believing that spending the dough was getting sort of dumb. Afterall! I had a nifty not-exactly-cheap camera and hey, I was sure I could figure out the whole editing thing on my own in the name of 2014's Christmas card.


That was a dumb decision! The difference between my quick little "editing session" and the other photos of the years is pretty dramatic. I never actually got 2014's Christmas card out, but I sure did create it on Shutterfly - it's a nice reminder that I didn't pull together a cute little wardrobe for my two bambinos and how I didn't do Carter's hair for the occasion of my "shoot." Not okay! Now I really do see the importance of marking the ages one time per year. It's important!

Okay, I swear, I'm not trying to be a big ol' deuche with the over-the-top dedication to this whole preservation of memories thing. (Which reminds me of the lengthy discussion I had last night with a friend regarding her camcorder and how that needs to be the next thing on my list...) But it's just so fun! So freakin' fun!

OB to the SESSED.

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