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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday pictures FINALLY!

Now that my camera has corrected whatever the heck was wrong with it on it's own, it's DEFINITELY time for some pictures on this here blog! Also the fact that I haven't been around here in quite some time, (over a week!), I have some pretty serious blog-worthy subjects to discuss!

Let's take a trip back in time (well, only a few weeks haha). Now that I have actual pictures to post, I need to explain every minute of the best holiday season I have experienced thus far. First off: Our fabulous tree!

Seeing as I've mentioned many a-time on here about our cramped quarters, we originally planned to get ourselves a tasteful little shrub of an alpine, but once we were actually in the official Christmas tree lot, Chad and I resorted to our old motto of "bigger is always better." So we got ourselves an outrageously massive tree. In order to accomodate, we had to rearrange all the furniture, which has actually been a great change. Well, as soon as we made a home for the good old pine, she started to shed. The floor of our apartment has been covered in pine needles (that my vaccuum cleaner won't pick up due to a lack of suction), for the past few weeks. The tree has barely drinken any water, and we are a bit worried it might combust into flames at any second. But, on the flip side, it's a fabulous tree and I'm glad we decided to go big. Here are some photos from beginning to just before Christmas Day (pictures to follow for the actual day of!).

Anyway, on to my garland I'm so excited about. Since we don't have a mantle, we had to hang out stockings on something! Luckily I ran across this $10 garland at good old Target!

Next off, Palm Springs! I barely got any pictures here, but here is one with Carter's cousin Leah! She knitted him this nifty beanie!

I'm super SUPER happy I can finally post pictures one here, so watch out for a million more posts! I already have two in mind, so try not to get annoyed with my over-the-top mushiness regarding the holidays and my boys! Woo!

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