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Friday, December 17, 2010

Times are a-changin . . .

I think I can officially say that my little man has rounded the corner into some devious activity. Carter, light of my life, angel-pie-face that he is, has taken to throwing minor fits and has discovered the fun in banging objects against mirrors, floors, and any other surface you can think of around the apartment. You may be thinking that he is just a baby and can be expected to do things such as this, but just one week ago these ideas would never have entered his little head! I blame it on us teaching him how to whip his wash cloth in the bath to make the water spray everywhere. He now has a vendetta against anything breakable!

I realize these fits may be partially my fault. When I was pregnant I swore that I would never be that mom who would hold their baby so often it would debilitate me from running to the store. Well, I tried to put him down as often as possible but I just had to hold him! So now I need to work backwards and try to get him okay with me putting him down. The weird thing is he has never thrown a fit about anything! Once he is playing on his own, all is well, but the initial set-down has become pretty rough. My poor baby!

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