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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a few Holiday odds and ends :)

Well, let me just say, my camera just broke, so I can't post any pictures of anything I ever talk about! It's such a bummer and I'm really sorry everyone has to just read about everything instead of seeing it! It's no bueno, but anyways......

My little humble abode is almost done being decked with Christmas cheer! Here is what we have done so far in preparation for the best holiday of the year!

1. I hung a lighted garland over our fireplace since we don't have a mantle. I stuck little ornaments on a few of the branches for some extra oomph! Then I hung out three matching stockings on it all! I'm looking at it right now and I love it <3

2. We got our tree! We are a little shmooshed in our living room because we got a 6 foot douglas fir and it dominates haha. Now our furniture is rearranged, so it's a little tight in here. Chadly finished stringing the lights while I was at work, and we have yet to hang the ornaments, but it's quite lovely :)

3. I made a cute wreath compliments of thepleatedpoppy :) Love that lady! Here is a picture of her version, but I used a green crazy wreath and put up gold ornaments:

4. Finally, I plan on doing this for our little dinner party, also compliments of thepleatedpoppy :

Hopefully Gina and I will get our acts together and make some Christmas pillows, which is what we planned for, but who knows haha! Anyway, loving this time of year with my little family :) I hope everyone is having an equally amazing holiday season!

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy someone else shares my love for the pleated poppy!!!!
    So fun!!


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