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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love . . . .

Days like today!

What a great day it has been. First Chad got Carter out of bed and let me sleep for a good 2.5 seconds longer. He brought the little man in and I woke up to a big, toothy smile! Then Chadly took off for his last final for the semester before work, and we played around. Good old Grandpa Frank came over and we talked for a good hour and a half or so while Carter rumbled and tumbled around us, then when Papacito took off, I put the little man down for a two hour nap (woohoo!). Once I was happily sitting on the couch amongst the mess which was my living room, I crept on the Face and scoped out everyones blogs :) When he woke up we went on a walk, then took a trip to the grocery store, then I headed over to Purebarre to sub two classes! I came home to pizza and chicken wings waiting for me! Chad gave the little man a bottle and now we are sitting here watching Brew Masters! Great day!

Other things I love:

-stockings hanging from my garland!
-Christmas tree lights!

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