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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Needing some inspiration

Man, am I low on inspiration lately. I keep wanting to write about something interesting, but I've been so busy/exhausted/lame lately that I haven't gotten around to it. So, here are a few thoughts running through my mind at the current moment:

1. Bridget Jones Diary is quite possibly one of the most hilarious movies on Earth.

2. I tried to manually make myself some coffee this morning and I believe I discovered one universal truth: paying $3.50 for someone to make it for you and have it taste 100x's better is worth the investment.

3. I have fallen off the bandwagon of my style revolution. Case in point: I'm sitting here in my robe instead of skinny jeans and boots. Why can't my sister be my personal stylist?

4. I really dread laundry day (which is today, and once again, I'm sitting here in my robe, not doing the laundry).

5. We are going to Disneyland tomorrow and we can't wait :) The hubby is attending an awards brunch (so proud!) in the morning while I'm at work, then the little man and I are going to head over to meet him. It will be a fun day, and hopefully I'll be coming home with some blog-worthy information :)

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