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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new new new new NEW!

Lately we have been having a ball. Life is sweet, the coffee is fabulous, and family life could not be better. Here are a few of the most interesting stuff we have been doing lately:

* I have cut back my McCafe's to twice a week. My consumption of medium caramel frappes was getting out of hand. It got to the point where I literally NEEDED the coffee or else I was risking my mental well-being for a day. After one full day of a constant headache, I feel that I have broken my dependence upon these devilish things! I am trying to whittle my obsession down to just a nice treat, twice a week. Yesterday I almost broke down and bought one, but I stayed strong! There's nothing wrong with brewing my own coffee, and it took a near mental break down to figure that out!

* We bought a new desktop computer! Chad's laptop has been slowly dying for about two years, and I did what you're never supposed to do in laptopland: I never took out the charger. So, my precious laptop has died, and it was time to move on. Luckily, my thrifty husbo bought an external hard drive right before the big crash, and we have successfully transfered all important documents and pictures to the new computer. We also took a trip to good ol' IKEA (Chad's arch enemy), and got a nice little desk. It's now stationed in our bedroom, for lack of a better place, and we love it. It's nice sitting at an actual desk instead of on the couch while surfing the web! I feel so professional (if you can count updating your facebook status as a noteworthy task of professionalism).

* While Carter was at the Aquarium of the Pacific with Grandma Cisneros on Sunday, Chad and I attended our lovely friend Ashley Jupin's birthday brunch! It was so much fun seeing everyone! It had been so long since we had hung out with our peeps! Good times, good times :)

* One of my best friends - WHITNEY THOMAS - is now Miss. Placentia! I'm so excited for her! Of course it was the pageant I wasn't able to attend which crowned her queen of all the land! Anyway, she is competing in Miss. California in June! Woohooo for Whitney!

In much more notable news, Carter has been . . .

* Walking around like a maniac.

* Opening and closing all doors.

* Mastering the words "car," "dog," "duck" and "fish." :)

* Trying his hardest to open every single container in the pantry.

* The most interesting thing to observe each and every single day :)

And there you have it. Some happy news from the Cisneros household :)

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