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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I understand this makes me a bit of a freak, but I genuinely enjoy school (so long as it is on my own terms, I can complete everything while Carter is asleep, and it's not too hard - does that still qualify as something I enjoy?). Anyway, I complain about it constantly, and talk about how absolutely ecstatic I will be once my undergrad is done (this May, woohoo!), but deep down, I know I will be somewhat sad to not have to be accountable for a few easy assignments every week. I just finished writing a mini-essay, and honestly, writing notes, collecting ideas and forming those ideas into opinions are things I truly love to do! Yes, I'm a weirdo, but what the heck will I do during Carter's naps once I'm done?! I will need a new challenge!

In other news: Carter just woke up early from his nap! My computer time has been cut short, as I am listening to him call for me from his crib. I'm sorry, but if I don't get a full two hours of nap time, I'm the one acting like a toddler without a nap by the end of the day. Wish me luck!

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