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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday was one of the greatest days of 2011 thus far. What did we do all day? We shopped like madmen! What did we shop for, you may ask? Clothes! Lots and lots of needed clothes; and when I say needed, I really mean needed. The last time I had been shopping for myself, I was six months pregnant, and for some odd reason I refused to spend money on actual maternity clothes, so I went to Target and bought myself a boat-load of maxi dresses in size large. So now my closet is riddled with too-big dresses which are completely inappropriate for the season, and clothing I wore post-pregnancy (a.k.a. pre- March 2009. Yuck.). It was ridiculous! For the last few weeks I have been complaining about my lack of clothing options shamelessly, so Chad decided that in order to put an end to my shrieks of horror every time I scrounged through my closet, it was time to take action. Off to the Spectrum we went!

The only rule I placed upon myself for the day was TO ABSOLUTELY NOT even pick an item off the rack if it was black or grey. That was part of the problem with my old clothes: everything was so monotone in color I wanted to scream. Unfortunately, this rule was more difficult to follow than I anticipated, as I naturally gravitated towards all things black. Luckily, Chad was there to strike me down and keep me on track! God bless that man! So now, spread upon our lovely bed, are colorful, billowy shirts, a skirt (something I have not worn since the sorority days), a cute skinny braided belt, two pairs of pants and two pairs of close-toed flats. One exciting thing about the day: I bought my first pair of True Religions! It was quite exciting! I was super hesitant, but Chad was rooting me on, so what can a girl do? I surrendered and now I'm happy I did. 

Oh yes, and as we speak, I'm wearing my bright yellowish-greenish cardigan, with another pair of new jeans (these ones were somewhere around fifteen bucks from Forever 21. What can I say? I'm cheap). So, all-in-all, it was an exciting day!

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