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Friday, April 29, 2011

Going to the chapel...

Okay, I think it's safe to say that I am a huge fan of weddings, but then again I have no idea who on Earth wouldn't be! They give you a chance to get dressed up (a.k.a. buy a new dress and maybe some heels), there are usually fashionable drinks to sip on (during a recent wedding I think I consumed about three of these orange-slice-garnished tequila something-or-others), and best of all, you get to relive your own wedding in your head! For those of you who are not married, you can think about how you would like the BIG DAY to be, and how you're just so excited at the prospect of planning a wedding (well, it's actually a big fat headache most of the time, but it's fun to take pictures while doing so with a smile on your face feigning delight)! 

So, in light of the royal wedding (which I had intended to watch live at 4:00 am, but instead pressed "dismiss" on my alarm until it shut the hell up, then carried on my beauty sleep until about 6:00), I decided to post a few of my own pictures from our special day. You better enjoy these, because it took me about 10 years to upload them. No, that's a joke (kind of), so here they are!

My glorious train which just so happened to be my favorite part of the whole dress :)

Our first dance <3

Not even in the limo yet and he's already cut loose...

Our picture-perfect little chapel.

The rings!

Chadly and our pastor :)

What a great day that was with all of our friends and family! Now we get to kick back and wait impatiently for the rest of our friends to get married!

Hurry up, y'all!

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  1. you looked like a princess :) your pictures are gorgeous!!


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