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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Date day

You know, sometimes you just have to go on a little trip that's a bit more sophisticated than the park, so that's what we did the other day when we drove to Downtown Disney.
Just me and the kiddies.
It was so darn nice.
Here's the thing: I really don't like the park very much. Of course I get off my rear end and make the trip about 4-5 times a week to run the energy out of the tot, but let's be honest,
every time you go to the park, you come home sweaty.
It's the truth! It's just a hot place to go, especially because Carts isn't quite at the age where I can just watch him from a bench just yet. If I were to attempt that, I would have a heart attack every few minutes as he meandered his way around those multiple drops-o-death.
Another thing about the park: if you're in the mood to look cute, don't go there.
A few times I have worn some skinny jeans and flats, and each time I do, I just wish I had my good old Nikes. Not that Nikes aren't cute, it's just that there's no way in hell I would wear my blessed work out shoes with skinny jeans {puke to that combination}, so, once again, I would be forced into yoga wear.
And let me tell you something about that: slipping on yoga wear more than 5 days a week makes for a very frumpy feeling woman, no matter how sleek {or expensive} those knee length stretchies are.
Bottom line is this:
Looking cute = sand in your shoes.

But anyway, after our little trip to the gateway of the Happiest Place on Earth, my little man slept like a champ, and made for a very happy outing, sans heat stroke!


  1. Aww... your kids are so cute!
    Summer Falls


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