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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fattening habits sans guilt

You know, I've transformed into a sweets fiend.
Donuts are my pals.
Girl Scout cookies? They hold me hostage from their comfy spot in the freezer. 
Hot chocolate? No box of Swiss Miss is immune to my insatiable, sugary appetite.

But guess what?
I love it!
All of it!
It's just delish, man!

Maybe one day my self-discipline will make a come back, but until then, it's hail to white frosted donuts with sprinkles on top!
{Because I'm stuck in the first grade!}

But really quick, because after rereading my glutinous thoughts and wanting to puke, I've been working out like a madwoman and loving every minute of it. Ahh, to be able to RUN! To be able to stretch! To be able to elevate my heart rate without the threat of a total mental breakdown! So fabulous.
And even though I've been able to sausage myself back in my pre-pregnancy jeans for a few weeks now, they actually fit as of a few days ago. No more disgusting muffin top, no more peelings those puppies off. That's why I feel absolutely no guilt when I eat my sugary delights, because let's face it, what's life without a few weirdo choices?
{Like eating 5 Samoas in a row....}

So cheers to actually enjoying food!


  1. that's awesome. i love eating, and donuts are no stranger to our house. they are a major treat, usually once a week. but i have also started running and last night i got back to hanging out with jillian michaels. bleh. BUT i love that your prepregnancy clothes are comfy again - what great motivation!!!

  2. I have to have treats or i go crazyyyy. it just put a smile on my face!


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